What has HAPI done lately?

Our ongoing Projects:
new : Abucay, Pilar, Sorsogon – HAPI-SHADE – care of Janice Buenaventura
Alabang , Muntinlupa – HAPI – SHADE – SOGIE HAPI SHADE : Secular Humanist Advocacy Development and Education
HAPI-ARK (Bacolod) – Twice a year : June and December c/o Bryanito Pigilito Valentino
HAPI -Green Movement – including education about Climate change, environmental issues
tree planting, and evaluation of trees after planting- Consultant Art Alvarez and Mark Richardson
HAPI- Humanist Store and Merchandise – Alabang HAPI Humanist Store & Merchandise c/o Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
HAPI- Nest and Farm – Cavite HAPI-Nest and Farm c/o Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
** ACCOMPLISHMENT ***From Superstition to Reason – First ever secular book printed in the Philippines circulating now in Manila, Bulacan, Cebu, Bacolod, Iligan City. (Now in Amazon.com (look for the title, or Filipino Humanists or Marissa Langseth)
HAPI-Aquaponics – in planning stage yet c/o Alvin John Ballares and Michael Sherman
HAPI-General Assembly and International Art Exhibit in Bacolod..- in planning stage yet

The Last Laugh

I told you before you need to learn from me.

I had this lesson since 2010, but you act like an asshole.

So there you go,  lost in time and space.

Yes, you cannot decipher pinoy culture because you are not pinoy and have not been on pinoy soil.

Pity you, but not really.

You made your bed, now sleep on it.


Do not believe doctors and dentists – the traiblazers of drug addiction

The insurance company has a boom recently.

But, I retired already, cannot work that way.

What a surprise, some  doctors and dentists still promoting opioids?

Nope, not surprised at all.  Some  are prescribing opioids   like jelly doughnuts.

Oh, well, the hell do they care? They only want money.

I cannot fathom why, but people get hook to drugs because of them.

A few days on opioids will make you ” high” , but,  lives are wasted because of this “high”.

Addiction is the sequela of this prescription.

Do not believe doctors and dentists, they do not really care about you.

All they care are their pockets and more money for their practice.

Been there, done that, I never take these drugs

prescribed  by doctors and dentists.

Why, because, I know the effects, side -effects and I prescribe them myself.

Only when extremely necessary and  to maintain quality of life.

Do not be fooled : doctors and dentists are not what they seem to be.  Some,  not all.. for clarification.

Some doctors with pain management specialty, are the culprits.

I can name names, but  it will not help in anyway.


More than enough

Since the inception of my non religious societies I have been the biggest donor.

When I left PATAS, they went downhill because the biggest donor is gone : ME.

They could not even sustain their  website for a meager amount. I just wasted that domain and hosting.

When HAPI was created in Dec 2013, I planted a lot of seed money.

We got just a one time huge donation from AHA.. after that, I am still the biggest donor.

HAPI  has donors, however, donations aren’t much.. very little in fact.

Most donations are still coming from me.

YES, it is good to have more than enough, I will be able to sustain HAPI until whenever, in fact, until I die.

The older I get, the better  I get, modesty aside.

I have already spent more than  $50k USD in my own money sustaining  my advocacy, since  November, 2010

What else is new ? Some haters still wagging their tongues.

Money is always an issue when creating societies.. we need it, even a lot of people , deny it.

I  am fortunate that I  have accumulated a lot when I was still working.

I retired early,  so that I can have more time traveling with my husband and continue my advocacy.

Indeed, it is good to  have more than enough to last me a lifetime.


Who wants my attention

There are people who are still obsessed with me, and love talking about me.. eg: MNY,  RM. MM, TT, MDF, dummy accounts galore.

They want my attention, I cannot  fathom why.

They stalk me,  go to my FB page and steal my pics.

For all they know, bad publicity is still publicity.

You just made me more publicly known.

You, an asshole, is just doing me a favor, making sure that

HAPI is more famous and people are aware of us without you.

You were removed for your idiocy and stupidity

Or other ways that you are no longer connected with me.

How can you say I am bad, when you are siding with the snakes and termites? search me, for all I care.

You are just a fucking mother fucker! and a nightmare!

The GASlighter – a TRUMP Follower

Oh poor me, I was almost a victim of a gaslighter,

So sweet and sassy at first,  being a shoulder to lean on.

But the true nature came out, a real Trumptard almost like him, gaslighting is his expertise, just  the same.

He assumed another name, to fool Filipinos that he is a pinoy.

He promised all but nothing came out : all with lip service,  just  all empty gestures.

He has never been to the Philippines, but posts as if he were there all along.

The final chapter, assumed a chairmanship, telling people what to do.

No one listened, except two victims of gaslighting.

Now, he is out and gone ballistic rationalizing his failure.

Indeed,  like Trump who blamed Obama.. for his stupidity.

I cannot fathom what is the ulterior motive: could be white privilege to save the pinoys out of mental slavery?

Whatever, it is, he is out and gone fishing again, in the pool full of pinoys whom he can gas light anew.

You cannot be successful if you are a charlatan.

Better still, call him a new snake  which he  self proclaimed  already.

People Blame others for their failures

Oh,  the dogs could not sleep well,

Barking at a tree of no return,

Or with some psychotic manifestations?

What a pity, such a pretty face full of fancy,

and skeletons galore in her closet to boot.

Try to change me? who the fuck are you?

Even my husband cannot even do so.

This is what you get: sour grapes  and bitterness of a damsel in distress.

Seeking sympathy  from  people from the same circle:  users, chess players, extortionists, pathological liars, and

more : snakes and termites!

And oh,  you can never take  a good woman down.

But, you may blame me for your failures.

I did not lose anything : Lesson learned

I learned that not all humanists are real.

Some are opportunists, chess players and self entitled arrogant narcissists.

Some would just like to ride in someone’s coattail.

and some atheists are worse.. they are thieves and scammers..

And even want to remove me from my own society that I founded?  how evil could you be..

Tough luck, you and your minions have left. GOOD RIDDANCE.

I did not lose anything,  we gained more.

They lost their credibility and integrity..

I learned from  past experiences never to repeat them.

I am resilient, I  will  prevail.

I always have the last laugh.

I will never chase anyone.

Please do not do me any special favors.

My  advocacy is for my country, not for myself.

If you still did not get that. then get the fuck out of  my way.!

Resilience is my middle name

The departure of the previous BOT of HAPI was a signal for “the law of natural selection.

The pretenders, the social climbers, the gas lighters and the elitists are all we lost.

We did not lose anything but pain, pride, egos and arrogance.

We have gained in fact, the HAPI-IC stepped in and up.

Resilience is my middle name, I cannot retire fully.

Because some snakes and termites are stalking me.

Be good, my friends, I am always watching you.

You are in number one? I am already n number 5.

Again, resilience is my middle name.

Part time activist in humanism

Oh dear !
I was ready to travel when I got jolted.

The BOT officers  are resigning, what a shame, but, expected.

Better now than never, no more funds in the kitty.

Did not know how to raise funds, what spoiled brats we have.

Blaming others for their failures, an ordeal, ordinary for them.

What can we do for irresponsible leaders?

No name, no shame, no penny to their name.

Due to public demand,

I am coming back as a part time chair, to clean up the mess and  make

HAPI better and stronger.

One cannot remove my bragging right as the founder.

No mater who you are, do not censor me for I am the owner of HAPI.

Whether you like it or not, we will prevail because

Once your integrity and credibility are gone,

No show in the hapicon, just a proof of insincerity.

You want to disinvite me?  fuck you asshole, that I will not forget.

I will not allow anyone to destroy  my  second baby.

Learning from my past, and it is

Too precious to abandon and it is my legacy.