Self-entitlement : A Filipino way to steal and scam

Self-entitlement is rampant everywhere, but worse in the Philippine society.  Some Filipinos think that they are entitled to my money when I ask them to do things that they voluntarily do,  like activism and propagation of critical thinking.

I must be naive to think that they do it for humanity’s sake. I did not know that it is their way to scam and steal from me.

The work and volunteering disappeared as soon as I stopped helping them financially. Did you say, volunteering needs money? and distort the meaning of charity. Charity is paying it forward.

You left hurriedly when I stopped my financial help, it was a clue that you are just a thief and worse a scammer. Two of you with the same paths: scamming and manipulating those who are kind hearted. No wonder, you protected each other, you both are of the same cloth.

Good riddance!


The people who have ripped me off since I started my advocacy – A public warning

I admit, a lot of people are embarrassed to accept  that they have been taken, and ripped off and scammed by the very people they trust.

I started my advocacy in 2011, I have encountered a lot of low life and scumbags. I should have listened to my gut feelings.

At any rate, atheist or not, they are all the same, some are good and some are bad.

I will post those who have ripped me off so that you will not fall victim to these bastards and stay away from them like a plague when you encounter them:

Levi Chui Monton – my first scholar, ripped me off and stole money from the PATAS paypal and more

Dexter Tiu – ripped me off for the PATAS website

Nicole Erika  Juanillo – borrowed money but did not pay the whole amount.

Jay R Patio – borrowed money but did not pay the whole amount

ALvin Cloyd Dakis– borrowed money but did not pay the whole amount. still owes me 35k pesos.  blocked me after trying to collect.

Aljohn de Leon  aka AJ DL – did not return the fare for  plane ticket to SG and registration fees, despite getting a lot of financial assistance from me. He also destroyed the website and removed all articles, pictures and video, upon knowing that I stopped my financial help. He also tried to hack  the HAPI paypal.

Oh well, charge it to experience…these scumbags will never become comfortable in their lives. They have lost their credibility and integrity.

I am waiting to see you face to face, so I can tell you how stupid you are !

Oh well, I must be gullible. At least I tried to help people, even if they have scammed me.

Money is just a tool to help people. I am glad, I have it.

Lesson learned: Do not trust those people above in my list.

I will be touring around the world,  just the same. But, my kindness stops here.


The Evil boy – A Public Warning

This evil boy I supposedly saved from his parents who tortured him and punished him for being LGBT  at 16- gay or trans, I am not sure what he was, but, I treated him like my son, like a human being.

I sent him my own personal  funds for his board and lodging, tuition fees, internship, transportation, stuff for photojournalism and more –  in exchange for his help in the HAPI website. But, he failed to do his work. He needed to be reprimanded to make articles for the website. He was caught lying too many times and manipulating me too many times. I gave him another chance, but he became worse. He  did not even return the HAPI funds for his fare to SG and his registration fees for the IHEYO convention.  I do not condone theft in my society, no matter who you are. We have terminated the thieves and corrupt people in HAPI, Aljohn was just one of them.

He abused  and took advantage of me. When I stopped his financial support, last Oct 2015, he was already 18 going on 19,   he destroyed our HAPI  website and removed all  articles, pictures and video:  these deeds made him a criminal in our eyes. He even tried to get into the HAPI paypal account. Such a low-life bastard without integrity. A greedy person to the core. He even asked for money from HAPI members and OFW. It was good that I have warned all of them about this evil boy.

I cannot fathom why these people are like that. They will never be successful in their lives. My “legacy and kindness” will hound them to death.

He was the last  straw that broke the camel’s back. I almost gave up on humanity.

I will only concentrate in HAPI, no more individual scholars. Most of them are alike : NO INTEGRITY !!

Be careful of  this evil boy. His name is Aljohn de Leon.  He will send you PM’s of him being tortured and sent away by his parents. His way of taking you in, like what happened to me.

His last attempt to manipulate me:

// I am thankful forever I will forever be indebted. I will not turn my back on you and will still defend you whenever people try to demonize you. But it’s over and you asked that I move on. It’s enough to defend myself. You’re not going to change your mind but I will still excel at school as my promise to you. Thanks for everything and sorry for my earlier messages. I misspoke & I was emotional. Please remember that I will never forget you though. Goodbye ms M. It’s enough for both of us. Love u//


PS: witnesses are available and Xoom account receipts available to back up this article.