Ten lepers healed, only One came back to say “thank you”


15032883_1681308382128961_1280991592122798347_nGratitude is the mother of success.

But, alas, very few people know how to thank those who made the early movements of atheism and humanism possible.

I say, remember the ten lepers? that  is all the same,  nine will leave and forget you, while only one will remember to thank you.

No expectation is better, you will not get frustrated nor annoyed.

That is how life will take you,  better to put yourself first than others.

I learned my lessons well, now,  I feel less obliged and less guilty to help others.

I do not need fame nor fortune, and have no vested interest in the Philippines.  I will not even retire there. I do not have to do activism  in the Philippines, but the next generations need our guidance.

That is all I do.

My graceful exit : Love Conquers all



001I  have been planning for my graceful exit from my second society since September,  2016.

It is time for me to pass the torch of successful activism and advocacy  about humanism to the present  core. It is the perfect time to leave, since I have the perfect leaders who are as ebullient as I am. I wish them well to the highest degree and support the mission/vision of the society.

My husband and I enjoy going to the church that married us in 1996. Love and respect have no religious nor political affiliations.

I am very fortunate to have a husband who respects my individuality  and passion. But, of course, he wished that I stopped my advocacy few years ago.

Now is  the golden opportunity to leave while I am still alive.

I am scheduled to  leave as the Founder and Chairwoman  Emeritus of HAPI in January 2017.

I am finally free of burden and responsibility  from any organization, any society,  any job,  anyone..but, my husband.

We will be touring around the world and every 3 months, just like before.

We will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary in Panama Ciy, Panama,  in Central America next year.


Something in November




What’s with November?

I am too successful to listen to people’s advice and nonsense.

Strong women cry too, to release  tears of frustration.

Life is not a bed of roses. We learn from past experiences.

But what’s with November?

November,  2010 – I started my advocacy for secularism and irreligion. I created awareness about critical thinking.

November, 2013 – I left the first society that I created because of the bagels and coffee they were serving,  instead of cake and tea.

November,  2016 – Trump won, everyone is in shock, except for my husband.

Oh yes, November is the time for Thanksgiving and my husband’s birthday.