A Medical Mistake Cured by Faith in a god

I went to church yesterday with my husband. We do this at least once or twice  every few months, to give our donations. I am the atheist, but my husband remains a WASP, but really, he is the one who gets bored with the church rituals and singing, and gets annoyed with soprano voice and children’s out of tune singing.

After church, we went to the basement for some food  and baked goodies. Of course, for camaraderie and conversation.

The Pastor told us a story about the young boy who went to Sloan Hospital for some “belly tumor”. They operated on him  after an ultrasound and found nothing. They attributed the cure of that tumor  to  their faith  without ado.

I said, that must be a medical mistake.. the boy had nothing to begin with. But since, these old  church attendees are very devout,  I just said, I believe in science and there are a lot of medical mistakes, that I know  of when I was still actively practicing as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, reason being , a second and third opinion is needed when one is given a diagnosis, especially cancer. A biopsy is the gold standard to determine if  one has cancer or not, not an ultrasound or a cat scan. His story has some loopholes anyway.

However, there is not much to talk about. I leave it at that. We cannot teach old dogs new tricks, nor give medicine to a dead man.


I am finally relieved : I am now picky




A little patience goes a long, long way.

It was good that I did not drop the ball suddenly.

Planning is everything, a means to provide better things.

I am finally relieved as a chairperson, being Emeritus would be so much FUN.

I can do whatever I can to help, promote and propagate,

But, without much pressure from myself.

I am a type A – 1 personality, I like to do things yesterday and in a timely fashion.

Cannot stand procrastinators and lazy bones.

That is me.. I cannot change myself.

I did it my way.. Now show me you can do it too.

Kudos to all ! but without saying, I learned from my past experiences.

No more waste of my hard-earned money and efforts.

The right people are in order and ebullient with renewed passion.

I am very picky now, but please do not blame me.

Cheers to all!




Lucky to be retired early



I retired in October, 2015.

Such a lovely job with 6-figure income.

But, I am not greedy, I  have too much already.

What will you do if you have too much already? RETIRE.

No more waking up early,

No more appointments to go to,

No more treks to Manhattan via subway,

No more dizziness on the train.

No more driving to nursing homes in Queens,

No more driving to the Bronx or anywhere.

What to do when you are retired?

Be with my husband, travel every 2-3 months to different countries.

I am  very fortunate to have retired early.

Life is quite boring, sometimes, but, I have given my time to the workforce.

No more work, but still very comfortable in life.

Cheers to more life !!



2017 – New Year’s Resolution



2016, was lovely despite some assholes stalking me, and some snakes and termites creating issues, seeking for my attention. My covert fans trying to imitate me, but miserably failed for the last 3 years or so.

Sorry, once tested and proven, you will be left in oblivion forever.

I need more patience  in 2017.

I need to cross the T’s and put dots on “I”s before I finally relax .

Such a “slavedriver”  I am, but, I will not tell you to do anything that I would not do. What does that make me?

Great leaders lead by example and make more leaders.

I reckon, who will do the dirty laundry if all are trying to lead? Herding cats is a daunting task.

2017 is here. Opps, I forgot! I am retired and cannot decipher what date it is now.. Cheers!