Never Give Up


I was already ready to retire from my activism when something happened:

Some snakes wiggled up to my toe and blame me for someone’s disappearance.

Why am I always blamed for somebody’s inadequacy and insecurity? and now for someone’s disappearance?

There you go : personalities clash  when there is stress and some goons become snakes and termites. The true person comes out.

No wonder , I am still here, I will never give up.

The picture says it all. You are wrong again asshole!


My Panama Tour , but, Cebu?




Panama is the most progressive country in Central America.

Guess what? it is because of their Panama Canal, a gateway to Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean.

The people are diverse, and so is the food.

French is still good, but I prefer the local food.

Empanada is good but the Cebuano empanada is better.

Beaches are good, but Cebu beaches are better.

What I am driving at? Cebu is better ..hello Cebu here I come!


The Panama Canal, a world wonder