The GASlighter – a TRUMP Follower

Oh poor me, I was almost a victim of a gaslighter,

So sweet and sassy at first,  being a shoulder to lean on.

But the true nature came out, a real Trumptard almost like him, gaslighting is his expertise, just  the same.

He assumed another name, to fool Filipinos that he is a pinoy.

He promised all but nothing came out : all with lip service,  just  all empty gestures.

He has never been to the Philippines, but posts as if he were there all along.

The final chapter, assumed a chairmanship, telling people what to do.

No one listened, except two victims of gaslighting.

Now, he is out and gone ballistic rationalizing his failure.

Indeed,  like Trump who blamed Obama.. for his stupidity.

I cannot fathom what is the ulterior motive: could be white privilege to save the pinoys out of mental slavery?

Whatever, it is, he is out and gone fishing again, in the pool full of pinoys whom he can gas light anew.

You cannot be successful if you are a charlatan.

Better still, call him a new snake  which he  self proclaimed  already.

People Blame others for their failures

Oh,  the dogs could not sleep well,

Barking at a tree of no return,

Or with some psychotic manifestations?

What a pity, such a pretty face full of fancy,

and skeletons galore in her closet to boot.

Try to change me? who the fuck are you?

Even my husband cannot even do so.

This is what you get: sour grapes  and bitterness of a damsel in distress.

Seeking sympathy  from  people from the same circle:  users, chess players, extortionists, pathological liars, and

more : snakes and termites!

And oh,  you can never take  a good woman down.

But, you may blame me for your failures.