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No good deed goes unpunished


10477896_670291543089262_60140675145339196_nOn February 10, 2017, my husband  did a wonderful job removing  the snow in our block with his brand new snowblower. He does this for free, no remuneration, declined all help including gas money.

He is such a perfectionist, he tried to remove the snow  left remaining in our long driveway. Lo and behold, slipped and fell.

He is too stubborn, took a cane and still walked limping. He was in so much pain, that, we went to the ER and was sent home after a few hours. However, we were called back for a CT scan to confirm an occult fracture. It was confirmed,  long story short, he had a hip surgery to put 3 screws in. It was uneventful, he was back home after a few days and started home rehabilitation.

This is all the same as  what I am doing for the Philippines. All I want is to help propagate critical thinking and humanism/atheism since 2010.  All I got was being bullied on line, I was called nasty names and worse, ” backstabbed” several times again and again.  These pinoys do not even know how to apologize even if they were proved wrong. They defend themselves by spreading fabricated lies about me over and over again. These pinoys are pathological liars, scumbags, miserable, arrogant assholes,  mostly jobless and no pot to pee.

Truth be told, I have spent > $ 50,000 USD,  since 2010,  just doing this activism . All funds coming from my  pockets -my hard-earned money, from my own sweat, blood, and tears.

Still, nothing is good enough for these pinoys.  I am trying to make sense of all of these. But, I failed. I cannot lead them to where I want them to be. Although, humanism is growing, I am tired already. I do not want to continue this process anymore. I have given enough of myself to them. I need to take care of my husband and myself.

I am an expatriate, I will not even retire in the Philippines. It is just another tourist destination for me.  My husband and I will continue to travel around the world:  the Philippines could be forgotten soon enough, but, not my family.


Generic Medications are as good as Brand names




The pharmaceutical industry is raking millions from consumers and patients.

I was once a medical representative in the Philippines,  promoting branded medications made in Italy, instead of generic meds. It was a very lucrative job as I have my own car, living allowance, bonuses,  on top of my basic salary.  But, I was always wondering why are these drugs very expensive?

I am now on the other end of the spectrum.

Very few branded meds have no  generic counterparts, thereby, generic can really be utilized by those savvy patients and consumers.

I am quite fortunate to be also a prescriber, giving me the authority to change medications according to the patient’s pockets and ability to pay.

Believe me, most branded medications can be replaced with generics. Stop paying 200 – 500 USD co-pay when it is only 7 -20 USD using the generic med.

There are ways to save funds for medications by simply looking for cheap alternative and looking for coupons that can lower your co-payment.

I saved 500 USD by simply enrolling myself in a new product for dry eyes. Imagine that.

Please stop being taken advantaged of  by pharmaceutical industries and doctors or health care professional  that only prescribe branded drugs.

There is a way to save. Google is still your best friend.