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Part time activist in humanism

Oh dear !
I was ready to travel when I got jolted.

The BOT officers  are resigning, what a shame, but, expected.

Better now than never, no more funds in the kitty.

Did not know how to raise funds, what spoiled brats we have.

Blaming others for their failures, an ordeal, ordinary for them.

What can we do for irresponsible leaders?

No name, no shame, no penny to their name.

Due to public demand,

I am coming back as a part time chair, to clean up the mess and  make

HAPI better and stronger.

One cannot remove my bragging right as the founder.

No mater who you are, do not censor me for I am the owner of HAPI.

Whether you like it or not, we will prevail because

Once your integrity and credibility are gone,

No show in the hapicon, just a proof of insincerity.

You want to disinvite me?  fuck you asshole, that I will not forget.

I will not allow anyone to destroy  my  second baby.

Learning from my past, and it is

Too precious to abandon and it is my legacy.

My effort, blood, sweat and tears have come to fruition



In the heavily Christian society of the Philippines, nonbelievers meet with little respect, and they sometimes become targets of open hostility—as the founder of HAPI knows first-hand. Marissa Torres Langseth, known as “Miss M” among volunteers, now lives in the United States. But she is a stalwart of the Philippines’ fledgling atheist movement, having previously set up the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society (PATAS) before leaving to start HAPI.

When Langseth first started this work, she received torrents of abuse online, including being called “a whore” and the “Bride of Satan,” she told me. “That’s how Filipinos think. They view atheists as Satanists: somebody who believes in demons and evil, who has no moral values and who doesn’t have any meaning in life.”

Undeterred, Langseth said she wants to fight the prevailing attitude among many poor Filipinos that their fate is in God’s hands. “My mother would go to church to ask for food and clothing and money,” she recounted. “Most Filipinos think that God provides. It will give a lot of people common sense when we let them know that there really is no God.”

(Copy-pasted from The  Atlantic article above)

With bittersweet memories: Our very first international exposure.. in April 28, 2011 :
ALL original members are gone,
some lost in the wilderness.

But we have gained traction :

Humanists are starting to gain a foothold in the Philippines

My heartfelt gratitude to Michael French, journalist of The Atlantic and Barry Duke of  The Freethinker.

Another site picked us up, this time from World Religion News :

Atheist Missionaries Are Spreading Humanist Ideals in the Philippines

As you know, we are not religious, because, we have been there, done that.

No good deed goes unpunished


10477896_670291543089262_60140675145339196_nOn February 10, 2017, my husband  did a wonderful job removing  the snow in our block with his brand new snowblower. He does this for free, no remuneration, declined all help including gas money.

He is such a perfectionist, he tried to remove the snow  left remaining in our long driveway. Lo and behold, slipped and fell.

He is too stubborn, took a cane and still walked limping. He was in so much pain, that, we went to the ER and was sent home after a few hours. However, we were called back for a CT scan to confirm an occult fracture. It was confirmed,  long story short, he had a hip surgery to put 3 screws in. It was uneventful, he was back home after a few days and started home rehabilitation.

This is all the same as  what I am doing for the Philippines. All I want is to help propagate critical thinking and humanism/atheism since 2010.  All I got was being bullied on line, I was called nasty names and worse, ” backstabbed” several times again and again.  These pinoys do not even know how to apologize even if they were proved wrong. They defend themselves by spreading fabricated lies about me over and over again. These pinoys are pathological liars, scumbags, miserable, arrogant assholes,  mostly jobless and no pot to pee.

Truth be told, I have spent > $ 50,000 USD,  since 2010,  just doing this activism . All funds coming from my  pockets -my hard-earned money, from my own sweat, blood, and tears.

Still, nothing is good enough for these pinoys.  I am trying to make sense of all of these. But, I failed. I cannot lead them to where I want them to be. Although, humanism is growing, I am tired already. I do not want to continue this process anymore. I have given enough of myself to them. I need to take care of my husband and myself.

I am an expatriate, I will not even retire in the Philippines. It is just another tourist destination for me.  My husband and I will continue to travel around the world:  the Philippines could be forgotten soon enough, but, not my family.


A Medical Mistake Cured by Faith in a god

I went to church yesterday with my husband. We do this at least once or twice  every few months, to give our donations. I am the atheist, but my husband remains a WASP, but really, he is the one who gets bored with the church rituals and singing, and gets annoyed with soprano voice and children’s out of tune singing.

After church, we went to the basement for some food  and baked goodies. Of course, for camaraderie and conversation.

The Pastor told us a story about the young boy who went to Sloan Hospital for some “belly tumor”. They operated on him  after an ultrasound and found nothing. They attributed the cure of that tumor  to  their faith  without ado.

I said, that must be a medical mistake.. the boy had nothing to begin with. But since, these old  church attendees are very devout,  I just said, I believe in science and there are a lot of medical mistakes, that I know  of when I was still actively practicing as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, reason being , a second and third opinion is needed when one is given a diagnosis, especially cancer. A biopsy is the gold standard to determine if  one has cancer or not, not an ultrasound or a cat scan. His story has some loopholes anyway.

However, there is not much to talk about. I leave it at that. We cannot teach old dogs new tricks, nor give medicine to a dead man.


2017 – New Year’s Resolution



2016, was lovely despite some assholes stalking me, and some snakes and termites creating issues, seeking for my attention. My covert fans trying to imitate me, but miserably failed for the last 3 years or so.

Sorry, once tested and proven, you will be left in oblivion forever.

I need more patience  in 2017.

I need to cross the T’s and put dots on “I”s before I finally relax .

Such a “slavedriver”  I am, but, I will not tell you to do anything that I would not do. What does that make me?

Great leaders lead by example and make more leaders.

I reckon, who will do the dirty laundry if all are trying to lead? Herding cats is a daunting task.

2017 is here. Opps, I forgot! I am retired and cannot decipher what date it is now.. Cheers!



Altruism : Is it still true? How do I love thee, HAPI


It has been 3 years, long enough to put a clog in my heart.

HAPI – how do I love thee? It might cost my life? and my marriage?

I must be crazy, but, is this my purpose in life?

Altruism, am I an example? or just being crazy and not thinking right.

Am I doing this for myself?  I will not even retire in the Philippines.

Truly, why do I do this activism in the Philippines?

Your guess is as good as mine.



A HAPI book: From Superstition to Reason: A journey towards HUMANISM


14803097_1686773998302733_1272893114_oA book that depicts stories of  how we became atheists or humanists is finally at the printing press.

It was a very   long journey for me, imagining this book as the only secular book in the Philippines made for Filipinos and printed in my own country of natal day since 2011.

It started as my vision in 2011, when I started PATAS, but was derailed due to some unscrupulous people and “short-lived enthusiasm” attitude  of some pinoys. Long story short, it was canned and put aside.

Came HAPI founding in 2013, we have to start all over again. But another unfavorable  set back, the person  (Aljohn L.  de Leon) assigned to the compiling in 2014, turned out to be a very shady person and a scammer. He was terminated from HAPI for fraud. He  is now being investigated by NBI for online estafa by deceit. I hope I am his last victim.

In 2015,  Alex Wisner took over the compiling and editing of the book,  very carefully due to some stories being edited, removed and updated.  We do not want plagiarized stories, you know.

Finally,  a HAPI book came out from the leadership page  in November, 2016. Thanks to a new leader, Bryan Valentino. His tenacity and tactfulness paid off. All my frustrations and negative outlook have been lifted off,  that finally a HAPI book is already at the printing press.

Needless to say, I financed this vision , some funds were mishandled in the process. This time it is clear as crystal. We will have the very first and only secular book in the Philippines, made by HAPI and its leaders.

Indeed, kindness begets kindness!


My graceful exit : Love Conquers all



001I  have been planning for my graceful exit from my second society since September,  2016.

It is time for me to pass the torch of successful activism and advocacy  about humanism to the present  core. It is the perfect time to leave, since I have the perfect leaders who are as ebullient as I am. I wish them well to the highest degree and support the mission/vision of the society.

My husband and I enjoy going to the church that married us in 1996. Love and respect have no religious nor political affiliations.

I am very fortunate to have a husband who respects my individuality  and passion. But, of course, he wished that I stopped my advocacy few years ago.

Now is  the golden opportunity to leave while I am still alive.

I am scheduled to  leave as the Founder and Chairwoman  Emeritus of HAPI in January 2017.

I am finally free of burden and responsibility  from any organization, any society,  any job,  anyone..but, my husband.

We will be touring around the world and every 3 months, just like before.

We will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary in Panama Ciy, Panama,  in Central America next year.


I have arrived: I am in control of my destiny


Finally, the curtain has been  closed:

The snakes and termites have failed to bring me down: their lies debunked and their words shoved in someone’s ass. They left in a rush with their tails between  their legs.

Nothing destroyed me. No one brought me down. My legacy will continue.

One stalker sent 100 USD, as donation, which we returned.  I  do not need money. Books  were accepted to heal your bitterness.

One sent a donation of 1500 pesos : I take that as a public apology.

Some people do not know what they have, until they lose it.

I am in control,  my destiny is mine. Assholes cannot hurt me anymore.

The final curtain is closed.  Adieu to all ,but, my history will prevail. My legacy will continue.

I am vindicated: I am a victor !

You need to create two nonreligious  societies to debunk my claim.

No one can do that!



Share your life story

I like sharing my life story, so that people can learn lessons from me vicariously.
We cannot learn all lessons in this lifetime. Life is too short.
Story untold is not a good idea.
Most people assume things and make it worse.
Truth is good. Share what is true.
Those people who do not learn from their pasts, are bound to repeat the same thing.
I have learned my lessons well. Never again.
I have freed myself from dysfunctional people.
I am very fortunate to have an awesome and very generous husband, who loves me just the way  I am.
I am FREE. I found the ultimate freedom.
Freedom from religion and of religion.
I am an atheist humanist.
I am not afraid.