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The GASlighter – a TRUMP Follower

Oh poor me, I was almost a victim of a gaslighter,

So sweet and sassy at first,  being a shoulder to lean on.

But the true nature came out, a real Trumptard almost like him, gaslighting is his expertise, just  the same.

He assumed another name, to fool Filipinos that he is a pinoy.

He promised all but nothing came out : all with lip service,  just  all empty gestures.

He has never been to the Philippines, but posts as if he were there all along.

The final chapter, assumed a chairmanship, telling people what to do.

No one listened, except two victims of gaslighting.

Now, he is out and gone ballistic rationalizing his failure.

Indeed,  like Trump who blamed Obama.. for his stupidity.

I cannot fathom what is the ulterior motive: could be white privilege to save the pinoys out of mental slavery?

Whatever, it is, he is out and gone fishing again, in the pool full of pinoys whom he can gas light anew.

You cannot be successful if you are a charlatan.

Better still, call him a new snake  which he  self proclaimed  already.

People Blame others for their failures

Oh,  the dogs could not sleep well,

Barking at a tree of no return,

Or with some psychotic manifestations?

What a pity, such a pretty face full of fancy,

and skeletons galore in her closet to boot.

Try to change me? who the fuck are you?

Even my husband cannot even do so.

This is what you get: sour grapes  and bitterness of a damsel in distress.

Seeking sympathy  from  people from the same circle:  users, chess players, extortionists, pathological liars, and

more : snakes and termites!

And oh,  you can never take  a good woman down.

But, you may blame me for your failures.

I did not lose anything : Lesson learned

I learned that not all humanists are real.

Some are opportunists, chess players and self entitled arrogant narcissists.

Some would just like to ride in someone’s coattail.

and some atheists are worse.. they are thieves and scammers..

And even want to remove me from my own society that I founded?  how evil could you be..

Tough luck, you and your minions have left. GOOD RIDDANCE.

I did not lose anything,  we gained more.

They lost their credibility and integrity..

I learned from  past experiences never to repeat them.

I am resilient, I  will  prevail.

I always have the last laugh.

I will never chase anyone.

Please do not do me any special favors.

My  advocacy is for my country, not for myself.

If you still did not get that. then get the fuck out of  my way.!

Part time activist in humanism

Oh dear !
I was ready to travel when I got jolted.

The BOT officers  are resigning, what a shame, but, expected.

Better now than never, no more funds in the kitty.

Did not know how to raise funds, what spoiled brats we have.

Blaming others for their failures, an ordeal, ordinary for them.

What can we do for irresponsible leaders?

No name, no shame, no penny to their name.

Due to public demand,

I am coming back as a part time chair, to clean up the mess and  make

HAPI better and stronger.

One cannot remove my bragging right as the founder.

No mater who you are, do not censor me for I am the owner of HAPI.

Whether you like it or not, we will prevail because

Once your integrity and credibility are gone,

No show in the hapicon, just a proof of insincerity.

You want to disinvite me?  fuck you asshole, that I will not forget.

I will not allow anyone to destroy  my  second baby.

Learning from my past, and it is

Too precious to abandon and it is my legacy.

The making of a snake : the true hypocrite and the gas lighter

The signals were there from the very  get go.

But,  I always give a chance to the lucky ones, you know.

ALAS, the real nymph has gone out full blast.

A psycho dumb ass in distress, what else  does she have?

She only works best when her ass is challenged.

She works best when she is stimulated by anger and  just to prove her worth.

A closet full of skeletons, some people have known.

A real hypocrite through and through and arrogant, social climber,  she goes in the night.

Wonderful as a start, but , mysteriously, the skin grew like snakes.

What do you expect, she’s a friend of those snakes.

A chess-player she claims, what a pity, again.

Each move is calculated to her advantage again and again.

Dumb luck, she forgot, experience is my best teacher.

You are in number one? I am already in number five.

What a waste of life, pretending to commit suicide?

A strategy for attention, played out and old.

No more of that, she  has grown some scales.

Indeed, a waste of breath , a real hypocrite, no matter what she does.

A real evil human, clothed in sheep skin.

With questionable integrity and with an air of arrogance,

Her smell stinks even from afar.

She values the “gaslighter, with a dummy account and full of hot air”.

Oh what a pity, a waste of breath, dealing with same snakes and

termites again and again. Good they left , so we can start anew.

A version two , better than ever before, without these kind of wolves, who have fed their egos galore.

Such a lesson, am also to blame, why did I admit a dummy with a bamboo personality.

He just poisoned some,  but,  not all.

I am still laughing in the end after all!

You cannot win if you are evil and in vain.

What is your purpose in life? The magic word: Thank you

What is your purpose in life?

When you have enough money , you have enough to help others, even those whom you will never meet in this lifetime. But, those who have scammed you,  can never get help anymore. No more second chances for them.

When you know you are successful: You do not need accolades. It is enough that you have helped make the event successful.

When you are successful, there is no need for recognition, but a little “thank you” will make you more generous,  and giving.

Why can’t some people say “thank you” ?

A sign of insecurity, I suppose and a sign of arrogance.

An arrogant person can never be successful.  Because, gratitude is the mother of success.

My advice? Learn how to say “thank you”. It does not hurt to extend yourself by showing gratitude. It actually makes the other person do more for you.

Grand Vacation 2017 - Philippines 713


Leaving Activism for good: My life and husband are my prios


I have done more than enough in my latest society, HAPI.

I cannot continue my activism: my life and husband are my prios.

No more advocacy for me here and abroad.

I will reminisce my achievements, just the same.

If you can surpass these, then kudos and congrats.

MY HAPI Achievements  since inception – Dec 2013 to April, 2017

HAPI libraries – Feb 2014 x 3 * most books donated by Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M and David E. Bussiere
HAPI Affiliation with AAI, IHEU, IHEYO Be Secular.
HAPI Library – computer set for the kids donated by Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M
HAPI Nutricamp – Jan 2015 HAPI- Kids Nutrition Campaign in Alabang – ongoing monthly by Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
Humanist Alliance Philippines, International- Merchandise -…: button pins, professional pins, patches, mugs, scarves, bandanas
HAPI Trees -annually started Sept 2015 by Jennifer C. Gutierrez, HAPI ED
HAPI Representation in IHEYO Asian Humanism in SG and Taiwan by Danielle Hill
HAPI-Nest and Farm – July 2016 by HAPI-Leadership – income generating project
HAPI Literacy – May 2016 by Jahziel Tayco Ferrer
Sponsored HAPI General Assembly in Cebu , Feb 2016
HAPI-Compre – Student lead society, a spin off of HAPI-Cebu and Bohol Humanist Alliance Philippines,…
January 2016 – Ms M became a member of BOD of Godless Grace Foundation
June 2016 – Jennifer C. Gutierrez was awarded the HUMANIST Innovator 2015 by Foundation Beyond Belief, USA
Books depicting Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M’s activism : Godless Grace: How Nonbelievers Make the World Safer,… released Feb 2016, NYC, USA pp. 33-35
and @Personal Paths to Humanism Volume 1 – released May, 2016 at the American Humanist Association convention in Chicago, USA – pp 79-83
new HAPI website with hosting and all bells and whistles c/o Bryan Valentino, J-rik Villa launched Sept, 2016
Planned HAPI con with IHEYO (Asian Humanism in Manila – June 10-11, 2017
HAPI-SHADE : in Alabang, Cebu, Quezon City, Bacolod and Leyte, launched February, 2017.



Never Give Up


I was already ready to retire from my activism when something happened:

Some snakes wiggled up to my toe and blame me for someone’s disappearance.

Why am I always blamed for somebody’s inadequacy and insecurity? and now for someone’s disappearance?

There you go : personalities clash  when there is stress and some goons become snakes and termites. The true person comes out.

No wonder , I am still here, I will never give up.

The picture says it all. You are wrong again asshole!


No good deed goes unpunished


10477896_670291543089262_60140675145339196_nOn February 10, 2017, my husband  did a wonderful job removing  the snow in our block with his brand new snowblower. He does this for free, no remuneration, declined all help including gas money.

He is such a perfectionist, he tried to remove the snow  left remaining in our long driveway. Lo and behold, slipped and fell.

He is too stubborn, took a cane and still walked limping. He was in so much pain, that, we went to the ER and was sent home after a few hours. However, we were called back for a CT scan to confirm an occult fracture. It was confirmed,  long story short, he had a hip surgery to put 3 screws in. It was uneventful, he was back home after a few days and started home rehabilitation.

This is all the same as  what I am doing for the Philippines. All I want is to help propagate critical thinking and humanism/atheism since 2010.  All I got was being bullied on line, I was called nasty names and worse, ” backstabbed” several times again and again.  These pinoys do not even know how to apologize even if they were proved wrong. They defend themselves by spreading fabricated lies about me over and over again. These pinoys are pathological liars, scumbags, miserable, arrogant assholes,  mostly jobless and no pot to pee.

Truth be told, I have spent > $ 50,000 USD,  since 2010,  just doing this activism . All funds coming from my  pockets -my hard-earned money, from my own sweat, blood, and tears.

Still, nothing is good enough for these pinoys.  I am trying to make sense of all of these. But, I failed. I cannot lead them to where I want them to be. Although, humanism is growing, I am tired already. I do not want to continue this process anymore. I have given enough of myself to them. I need to take care of my husband and myself.

I am an expatriate, I will not even retire in the Philippines. It is just another tourist destination for me.  My husband and I will continue to travel around the world:  the Philippines could be forgotten soon enough, but, not my family.


Misogynist atheist assholes in the Philippines


995357_1284129801602130_1856641407113985545_nWould you believe some atheists are so misogynist, that they attack me personally, but,  on FB. I want to see you when I get home to the Philippines! This is my challenge. I know all of you.

No wonder, these scumbags remain poor, unable to improve themselves and have no pot to pee.

Some of them owe people money , cannot repay them , hid from them and even badmouth them on FB.

Some of them are sexual predators, that is why they were banned in HAPI.

Some were caught stealing, continue to deny it , yet cannot prove their innocence.

Some are just too arrogant to be in HAPI, were ” butthurt “,  because they were caught having Janus face.

Some are just following blindly, like a blind leading the blind.

Misogyny is supposed to be only for the religious.

I guess,  misogyny is common in pinoy mentality, a part and parcel of crab mentality , envy and jealousy. Unfortunately, I know these assholes personally. AlI can say is that, they need to seek psychological help because they cannot see a mote in their eyes.

These people lack integrity, from the get go.