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Crab mentality and Gossiping

Crab mentality is very much alive. In fact, it is very common in the Philippines.

No,  it does not mean being crabby nor irritable.

Crab mentality means, people try to pull you down hoping you will not fly your lovely society. It is an act of  desperation to bring you down. It is an act of jealousy or  envy. It is an act of cowardice. 10155352_544557818995969_7366304235015782274_n

Their modus operandi is usually gossiping, a favorite past time of the jobless, poor and miserable people.

They love spreading fabricated lies without proof nor evidence

when asked about proof,  they lie some more to cover the other lies


Are you one of them? No lessons learned in the past but dramas and continuation of immaturity and bitterness.

What a pity .

The older I get, the better I am, no dramas

Oh well, the low lifes are acting up again.

Not unusual,  for we have a huge event coming pretty soon. Been there, done that. These scumbags are predictable.

Nobody talks about a nobody.  Even fools have stories to tell. and  idiots know that very well.  What a pity, still jobless and poor? You can only blame thy selves.

They just want my attention,  jealousy and envy much. All talks but all empty gestures: not even a pot to pee.

They are sorry asses because they can no longer taste my money and chocolates from the USA.  Hate Americans?  , but love our $$$.

And worse, they are no longer in my circle and not even in my league.

They want their balls stroked, but in reality they have no balls.

Using regionalism ?  what a pity : I am not even bisaya.. I was born in Nueva Ecija with Tagalog and Ilocana parents. I am just all over the world.

Victim role playing, acting like victims, they do not know, they are just actually talking about themselves: narcissist and sociopaths galore. Psychiatry is my second specialty.

Besides,  I am adept at marketing and promotions. Do you even know what are the steps in making a society work?

Any publicity is good. Look at HAPI, an international society just after one year.

Instead of learning from me,  these maggots complain and bash me.

Oh well, one cannot teach green eyed monsters, snakes and termites.

Please continue to wallow in bitterness and poverty, while I retire in luxury and  HAPI-ness.



I am finally relieved : I am now picky




A little patience goes a long, long way.

It was good that I did not drop the ball suddenly.

Planning is everything, a means to provide better things.

I am finally relieved as a chairperson, being Emeritus would be so much FUN.

I can do whatever I can to help, promote and propagate,

But, without much pressure from myself.

I am a type A – 1 personality, I like to do things yesterday and in a timely fashion.

Cannot stand procrastinators and lazy bones.

That is me.. I cannot change myself.

I did it my way.. Now show me you can do it too.

Kudos to all ! but without saying, I learned from my past experiences.

No more waste of my hard-earned money and efforts.

The right people are in order and ebullient with renewed passion.

I am very picky now, but please do not blame me.

Cheers to all!




Altruism : Is it still true? How do I love thee, HAPI


It has been 3 years, long enough to put a clog in my heart.

HAPI – how do I love thee? It might cost my life? and my marriage?

I must be crazy, but, is this my purpose in life?

Altruism, am I an example? or just being crazy and not thinking right.

Am I doing this for myself?  I will not even retire in the Philippines.

Truly, why do I do this activism in the Philippines?

Your guess is as good as mine.



My graceful exit : Love Conquers all



001I  have been planning for my graceful exit from my second society since September,  2016.

It is time for me to pass the torch of successful activism and advocacy  about humanism to the present  core. It is the perfect time to leave, since I have the perfect leaders who are as ebullient as I am. I wish them well to the highest degree and support the mission/vision of the society.

My husband and I enjoy going to the church that married us in 1996. Love and respect have no religious nor political affiliations.

I am very fortunate to have a husband who respects my individuality  and passion. But, of course, he wished that I stopped my advocacy few years ago.

Now is  the golden opportunity to leave while I am still alive.

I am scheduled to  leave as the Founder and Chairwoman  Emeritus of HAPI in January 2017.

I am finally free of burden and responsibility  from any organization, any society,  any job,  anyone..but, my husband.

We will be touring around the world and every 3 months, just like before.

We will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary in Panama Ciy, Panama,  in Central America next year.


Something in November




What’s with November?

I am too successful to listen to people’s advice and nonsense.

Strong women cry too, to release  tears of frustration.

Life is not a bed of roses. We learn from past experiences.

But what’s with November?

November,  2010 – I started my advocacy for secularism and irreligion. I created awareness about critical thinking.

November, 2013 – I left the first society that I created because of the bagels and coffee they were serving,  instead of cake and tea.

November,  2016 – Trump won, everyone is in shock, except for my husband.

Oh yes, November is the time for Thanksgiving and my husband’s birthday.



Outrage? NOT!


I made this blog as my avenue for free speech, practicing the  first amendment.

My ventilating machine, my catharsis.

Is it an outrage >? no it is my free speech.

This is not a “hate ” page. If you are hurt by my posts, that means you are guilty, as clear as crystal.. you are doomed.

No one can silence me, even my husband.

I have been quiet far too long. If I offend you, you deserve it.

Are you a jellyfish? Are you a bamboo?


I have met a lot of people with questionable integrity: like a jellyfish without a backbone,  or a bamboo that is pliant and moves to the direction where the wind blows.

They can just change their views in a flash : can be swayed  by anyone, to be  maintained in a  friendship and be kept in the dark.

I have seen some Filipinos who are in that category : will post their opinions and words, yet, do otherwise. Their actions are not in consonance with their words. Cannot be trusted, in short.

If the words do not match the actions, that is actually a signal for lack of integrity.

I am more careful now with those kinds of people.

I do not want to get hurt anymore.



I have arrived: I am in control of my destiny


Finally, the curtain has been  closed:

The snakes and termites have failed to bring me down: their lies debunked and their words shoved in someone’s ass. They left in a rush with their tails between  their legs.

Nothing destroyed me. No one brought me down. My legacy will continue.

One stalker sent 100 USD, as donation, which we returned.  I  do not need money. Books  were accepted to heal your bitterness.

One sent a donation of 1500 pesos : I take that as a public apology.

Some people do not know what they have, until they lose it.

I am in control,  my destiny is mine. Assholes cannot hurt me anymore.

The final curtain is closed.  Adieu to all ,but, my history will prevail. My legacy will continue.

I am vindicated: I am a victor !

You need to create two nonreligious  societies to debunk my claim.

No one can do that!