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Something in November




What’s with November?

I am too successful to listen to people’s advice and nonsense.

Strong women cry too, to release  tears of frustration.

Life is not a bed of roses. We learn from past experiences.

But what’s with November?

November,  2010 – I started my advocacy for secularism and irreligion. I created awareness about critical thinking.

November, 2013 – I left the first society that I created because of the bagels and coffee they were serving,  instead of cake and tea.

November,  2016 – Trump won, everyone is in shock, except for my husband.

Oh yes, November is the time for Thanksgiving and my husband’s birthday.



Outrage? NOT!


I made this blog as my avenue for free speech, practicing the  first amendment.

My ventilating machine, my catharsis.

Is it an outrage >? no it is my free speech.

This is not a “hate ” page. If you are hurt by my posts, that means you are guilty, as clear as crystal.. you are doomed.

No one can silence me, even my husband.

I have been quiet far too long. If I offend you, you deserve it.

Are you a jellyfish? Are you a bamboo?


I have met a lot of people with questionable integrity: like a jellyfish without a backbone,  or a bamboo that is pliant and moves to the direction where the wind blows.

They can just change their views in a flash : can be swayed  by anyone, to be  maintained in a  friendship and be kept in the dark.

I have seen some Filipinos who are in that category : will post their opinions and words, yet, do otherwise. Their actions are not in consonance with their words. Cannot be trusted, in short.

If the words do not match the actions, that is actually a signal for lack of integrity.

I am more careful now with those kinds of people.

I do not want to get hurt anymore.



I have arrived: I am in control of my destiny


Finally, the curtain has been  closed:

The snakes and termites have failed to bring me down: their lies debunked and their words shoved in someone’s ass. They left in a rush with their tails between  their legs.

Nothing destroyed me. No one brought me down. My legacy will continue.

One stalker sent 100 USD, as donation, which we returned.  I  do not need money. Books  were accepted to heal your bitterness.

One sent a donation of 1500 pesos : I take that as a public apology.

Some people do not know what they have, until they lose it.

I am in control,  my destiny is mine. Assholes cannot hurt me anymore.

The final curtain is closed.  Adieu to all ,but, my history will prevail. My legacy will continue.

I am vindicated: I am a victor !

You need to create two nonreligious  societies to debunk my claim.

No one can do that!



Wikipedia is not a reliable source for history


995357_1284129801602130_1856641407113985545_nAs per my experience with wiki, it is not a reliable source of history nor information. It is an online encyclopedia that is outsourced and can be manipulated by villains  like snakes and termites and now the evil boy.

It can just be edited by any Dick and Harry that comes along. Good or bad edits still does not make it reliable. I will no longer donate to that wiki anymore. Some admins are nice, but some are not. I will no longer  waste my time online with that wiki.

Some people are very serious to vilify me, and even removed history just to make me look bad. They have changed a PATAS wiki several times but had been reverted to the original post.

How can you trust something that can be changed by a single stroke of  a computer?  Most nasty and malicious edits are done in the Philippines, but have been removed by wiki. Pretty much akin to  FB incidents, they have also removed those pages that vilified me.

Some proof of the history much better than wiki: They cannot be altered,  nor changed as time goes by.

The Pope’s gonna have a cow. Catholic Philippines gains its first atheist society.

I am still here HAPI as can be. A solid proof that I am who I am  and no one can contest to that. Now, learn your lessons well:  Do not backstab your founder.

Share your life story

I like sharing my life story, so that people can learn lessons from me vicariously.
We cannot learn all lessons in this lifetime. Life is too short.
Story untold is not a good idea.
Most people assume things and make it worse.
Truth is good. Share what is true.
Those people who do not learn from their pasts, are bound to repeat the same thing.
I have learned my lessons well. Never again.
I have freed myself from dysfunctional people.
I am very fortunate to have an awesome and very generous husband, who loves me just the way  I am.
I am FREE. I found the ultimate freedom.
Freedom from religion and of religion.
I am an atheist humanist.
I am not afraid.

The Truth Will Prevail



Be true to yourself first and foremost.

Honesty is still the best policy.

Always tell the truth, so that you do not have to memorize your answers.

I cannot swallow to be friends  or to be associated with people of low caliber: sociopaths, pathological liars, scammers, back stabbers, low life, scum  bags, opportunists, sex offenders,  and drama queens.

At this day and age, I will choose whom I will associate myself with. No more being nice. I am realistic. I have learned my lessons well.

My words are evocative, so they say. But , I am only responsible for what I wrote, not for your feelings. Your analysis to my post is a pronouncement of your predicament, not mine.

Indeed sociopaths are akin to leopards: never change their spots.

I am right all along to detach myself from such dire and muddy situation.

I am still fortunate. I remain HAPI.




Leopards do not change spots: Snakes and Termites are dying, no integrity again



My prediction is coming to fruition.

Snakes and termites have short -lived enthusiasm.

They ate each other like leopards which do not change spots.

They got worse, no leadership,  no donors.

I told you so, these ones will not last long.

Some sick with AIDS and what have you.

Good with their mouths but only on FB.

Cannot even attract their previous members.

Must be the attitude that says it all.

Worse, their behaviors that can lead a skunk.

To their death and graveyard,

No more pot to pee.

How sad, but, I told you so.

My prediction will come to fruition.



I must be crazy!



I must be crazy,

for starting a society to herd atheists,

they suck my bank like I am a “gold mine”.

They bit my ass like I am their “stupid”.

I must be crazy,

to do something for the Philippines,

that I will not even benefit, nor get anything from.

All I got were  heartaches, headaches and an empty bank account.

They robbed me, vilified me, badmouthed me.

I must be crazy for doing so much yet, all I got was

to be called a fame whore and names on the bad dictionary.

I must be crazy to meet thieves galore

and nefarious atheists, some too evil to mention.

I must be crazy, your time is done

just wait and see.

For a crazy lady can also make a difference in your lives.

and so be it  :”  I am Crazy”.

But beware!