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2017 – New Year’s Resolution



2016, was lovely despite some assholes stalking me, and some snakes and termites creating issues, seeking for my attention. My covert fans trying to imitate me, but miserably failed for the last 3 years or so.

Sorry, once tested and proven, you will be left in oblivion forever.

I need more patience  in 2017.

I need to cross the T’s and put dots on “I”s before I finally relax .

Such a “slavedriver”  I am, but, I will not tell you to do anything that I would not do. What does that make me?

Great leaders lead by example and make more leaders.

I reckon, who will do the dirty laundry if all are trying to lead? Herding cats is a daunting task.

2017 is here. Opps, I forgot! I am retired and cannot decipher what date it is now.. Cheers!



A HAPI book: From Superstition to Reason: A journey towards HUMANISM


14803097_1686773998302733_1272893114_oA book that depicts stories of  how we became atheists or humanists is finally at the printing press.

It was a very   long journey for me, imagining this book as the only secular book in the Philippines made for Filipinos and printed in my own country of natal day since 2011.

It started as my vision in 2011, when I started PATAS, but was derailed due to some unscrupulous people and “short-lived enthusiasm” attitude  of some pinoys. Long story short, it was canned and put aside.

Came HAPI founding in 2013, we have to start all over again. But another unfavorable  set back, the person  (Aljohn L.  de Leon) assigned to the compiling in 2014, turned out to be a very shady person and a scammer. He was terminated from HAPI for fraud. He  is now being investigated by NBI for online estafa by deceit. I hope I am his last victim.

In 2015,  Alex Wisner took over the compiling and editing of the book,  very carefully due to some stories being edited, removed and updated.  We do not want plagiarized stories, you know.

Finally,  a HAPI book came out from the leadership page  in November, 2016. Thanks to a new leader, Bryan Valentino. His tenacity and tactfulness paid off. All my frustrations and negative outlook have been lifted off,  that finally a HAPI book is already at the printing press.

Needless to say, I financed this vision , some funds were mishandled in the process. This time it is clear as crystal. We will have the very first and only secular book in the Philippines, made by HAPI and its leaders.

Indeed, kindness begets kindness!