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Resilience is my middle name

The departure of the previous BOT of HAPI was a signal for “the law of natural selection.

The pretenders, the social climbers, the gas lighters and the elitists are all we lost.

We did not lose anything but pain, pride, egos and arrogance.

We have gained in fact, the HAPI-IC stepped in and up.

Resilience is my middle name, I cannot retire fully.

Because some snakes and termites are stalking me.

Be good, my friends, I am always watching you.

You are in number one? I am already n number 5.

Again, resilience is my middle name.

What else is new? A deja vu


Why is it that every time I leave a society, I make more  haters?

Know what?

It is the same, like a mother leaving her teenagers behind: they rebel, they call me names and stuff.

They are actually afraid of the unknown, cannot fathom how to lead people who are arrogant, self-entitled and narcissist galore.

Amazing : what else is new? this is just a deja vu.

People are the same, same culture, same attitudes, same assholes.

Same small minds, short sighted, cannot comprehend big spirits.

Same friends and same stubborn snakes and termites and backstabbers.

“I told you so” , but, I did not listen to you..

Why? I must be crazy! says he.


Crab mentality and Gossiping

Crab mentality is very much alive. In fact, it is very common in the Philippines.

No,  it does not mean being crabby nor irritable.

Crab mentality means, people try to pull you down hoping you will not fly your lovely society. It is an act of  desperation to bring you down. It is an act of jealousy or  envy. It is an act of cowardice. 10155352_544557818995969_7366304235015782274_n

Their modus operandi is usually gossiping, a favorite past time of the jobless, poor and miserable people.

They love spreading fabricated lies without proof nor evidence

when asked about proof,  they lie some more to cover the other lies


Are you one of them? No lessons learned in the past but dramas and continuation of immaturity and bitterness.

What a pity .

Lucky to be retired early



I retired in October, 2015.

Such a lovely job with 6-figure income.

But, I am not greedy, I  have too much already.

What will you do if you have too much already? RETIRE.

No more waking up early,

No more appointments to go to,

No more treks to Manhattan via subway,

No more dizziness on the train.

No more driving to nursing homes in Queens,

No more driving to the Bronx or anywhere.

What to do when you are retired?

Be with my husband, travel every 2-3 months to different countries.

I am  very fortunate to have retired early.

Life is quite boring, sometimes, but, I have given my time to the workforce.

No more work, but still very comfortable in life.

Cheers to more life !!



Ten lepers healed, only One came back to say “thank you”


15032883_1681308382128961_1280991592122798347_nGratitude is the mother of success.

But, alas, very few people know how to thank those who made the early movements of atheism and humanism possible.

I say, remember the ten lepers? that  is all the same,  nine will leave and forget you, while only one will remember to thank you.

No expectation is better, you will not get frustrated nor annoyed.

That is how life will take you,  better to put yourself first than others.

I learned my lessons well, now,  I feel less obliged and less guilty to help others.

I do not need fame nor fortune, and have no vested interest in the Philippines.  I will not even retire there. I do not have to do activism  in the Philippines, but the next generations need our guidance.

That is all I do.

Why I retired early : I am human


I had a very lovely job : empowering patients about their disease and treatment choices, as an adult Nurse Practitioner of one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. It was a challenging and difficult job, yet, I  Iove  it very much.

The remuneration package was top notch,  with 6-figure basic salary with bonuses galore,  and free trips for educational days. It was a job everyone would love to have , but , with the right credentials and experience.

But, came a supervisor so new in the field, she treated patients like numbers. I always fought for my patients even if I worked for that insurance company. I cannot stand people whose priority is their pockets than patients.

I cannot stay in a company whereby my ethical values clash with their philosophy and company policy. A human being is more valuable than money in my pockets. I cannot fight city hall anymore, I had to leave, or I will blow the whistle.

It is sometimes better to be at peace, than to be right.

I am just lucky, I was able to retire early and did not even miss my salary. My husband supported my decision, of course, he knows I am right all along.

I am no longer nice, I am now a realist.

Just got back from a nice vacation to celebrate my retirement again.

I have been asking myself why I am always victimized by sociopaths and pathological liars who have no personal dignity nor integrity like Aljohn de Leon and others.

It must be that I am too kind..too blind,  to see that some people are there to scam and extort money from me.

From now on, I am no longer nice. I have faced reality,  that most people are not like me.

Life is too short to stress over people who have no personal dignity and integrity. Life will be painful for them, I can see it already.


Why am I always happy (HAPI)


Happiness is contagious, a disease without a cure.

It comes from within, you do not need anyone to make you happy.

I will be happy and HAPI, just the right combination for my purpose in life.

I do not plan just to exist. I want to live a life full of happiness and HAPI-ness.

Besides, happiness is good for my health.

Public Service : Lies and more lies from a SCAMMER: ALJOHN DE LEON

ALJOHN DE LEON – the face of a desperate scammer and pathological liar, exposed for asking money from OFWs and foreigners and my wealthy associates.

What can a scammer / a sociopath/pathological liar  do in retaliation to my expose’ about him ? But, write a long narrative sob stories full of lies and fabricated stories , so, gullible people will believe him. He is just trying to deflect his misdeeds and to defend himself.

I have so much to give that is why I made societies that can help some people..I could have done this just by being a lone philanthropist. But I encountered a sociopath like ALJOHN de LEON, who got mad when I can no longer support him… .war of words only ? let us see who will have a better life.. I already have..

Those societies know me personally, by the way, and they have been appraised of his scamming and termination, so that he will not be able to ask funding from them using my name.

I have a great job, besides, my husband is also comfortable.

We do not need donations..all donations go to HAPI.

I have all xoom transactions and witnesses for ALJOHN DE LEON’s , theft and scamming and OUTRIGHT LIES and fabricated stories.. he will get what he deserved.

My latest Xoom transactions of personal funds from my own personal bank sent to Aljohn.. .. Just one of 5 pages .

ALJOHN de Leon is very  desperate now because he was EXPOSED as a professional SCAMMER  and pathological LIAR. He was pretending to be a humanist and attached himself to me, so that he can scam my wealthy associates and myself.

I am not afraid.

Aljohn’s PM to a friend from Belgium..take note of his “termination words and support from me”

Self-entitlement : A Filipino way to steal and scam

Self-entitlement is rampant everywhere, but worse in the Philippine society.  Some Filipinos think that they are entitled to my money when I ask them to do things that they voluntarily do,  like activism and propagation of critical thinking.

I must be naive to think that they do it for humanity’s sake. I did not know that it is their way to scam and steal from me.

The work and volunteering disappeared as soon as I stopped helping them financially. Did you say, volunteering needs money? and distort the meaning of charity. Charity is paying it forward.

You left hurriedly when I stopped my financial help, it was a clue that you are just a thief and worse a scammer. Two of you with the same paths: scamming and manipulating those who are kind hearted. No wonder, you protected each other, you both are of the same cloth.

Good riddance!