I AM FREE: Thanksgiving for 2018

For the very first time,

I feel I am Free,

Free of obligations and huge responsibilities from HAPI.

No more decision making, no more sleepless nights.

This Thanksgiving, I am thanking all new BOT in HAPI

that they are all deserving of more respect and recognition from me.

I will continue to fund HAPI events and huge events

to propagate and spread humanism in the Philippines.

It is good to be an Emeritus,  and the new  chairman is also a great

human being, unlike that dummy account who has no credibility nor integrity.

To those who tried and failed: where are you now? Sure you are

worthy to be out of HAPI: because you are just coattail riders

and frankly,  self-entitled arrogant narcissist assholes, therefore : good riddance.

You know who you are.

Weep, because you are already in oblivion,  never to be admitted again

in my circle.

I do not like pathological liars, gaslighters, pretenders  and chess players.

Good bye.. I am Free now..


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