A new and improved HAPI website

Another sign of continuous successes in HAPI:

The best way to  express your activism is by having a great social medium.

Our HAPI website has been spiffed up.


Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our webmaster since 2015, Bryan V.

He is one of the most dedicated and consistent in his ebullience for HAPI,

not just for 3 years, but forever, he quipped.

What else can I  ask for?

We have the best officers/volunteers in HAPI now.

I can go on my merry way vacationing without worries unlike before.

and Oh, other people are coming back..

I told you, you bet on the wrong horse this time.

We will only accept real humans.. no dummy accounts nor brain dead people

whose life is in turmoil,  cannot even  rectify it.

Some stalkers are offering help,  for what?

do you need another jacket from me?

For your reading pleasure:

Being rich is relative.. I am rich enough to help others, especially those who cannot repay me back .. I do not need repayment anyway.. Pay it forward, and we are good.

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