For my peace of mind:
>I will no longer debate with people without science nor medical background.
> I will no longer debate with people who believe in conspiracy theories like Covid is a hoax, or 5G BS , or the earth is flat bullshit,
or 911 is an inside job, or that Boston marathon was not real..
> I will no longer debate with people who do not read science books, or no knowledge about anatomy and physiology and those
who think that the nose is separate from the mouth.
>I will not debate with devout Catholics or those who profess that they are saved.
> I will no longer go down to the level of those who want to ask for money, no integrity, or dishonest, gaslighters, or those who are just good only with talks..
I will block those who keep on bothering me.
I will enjoy my life and remain HAPI and happily retired since 2015.
Kind regards,
Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M
Marissa Torres Langseth
HAPI Founder
HAPI Scholars Founder and Philanthropist

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