HAPI’s stance on Anti-Asian violence

The recent events in the USA have been disturbing to humanity, especially, the attacks on Korean women in a massage parlor in Atlanta. The shooter was an ultra religious Southern Baptist young man, with “pizza, guns, drums, music, and God” as a summation of his “good life”. He objectified, vilified these women as if they were not humans. A clear evidence of misogyny.

A few incidents were also gut wrenching, like the attacks on elderly Asian people which one resulted to death, and gross injury to others.

We, in HAPI condemn these attacks against humanity . We condemn attacks on all Asian people and any human being for that matter due to race.

This hatred was emboldened by the previous president who called the pandemic, “China virus”, or “Kung Flu”, and made nasty claims about Covid-19.

It is oppressive to call the pandemic as such, because there was no evidence that it came from China, even with all the high and cutting edge technology, it was not substantiated that it was an artificial virus.

Nonetheless, it is a sad scenario that , Asians are being assaulted, killed needlessly in the USA.

“As shocking as these incidents are, it is so vital to understand that they are not random acts perpetrated by deranged individuals,” said Erika Lee, a professor of history and Asian-American studies at the University of Minnesota. “They are an expression of our country’s long history of systemic racism targeting Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.” (From Yahoo news.)

 “The nonprofit organization Stop AAPI Hate has documented nearly 3,800 incidents of physical assault, shunning, verbal and online harassment, and civil rights violations against the AAPI community in the US since March 2020, when COVID-19 cases began to surge.” (fromYahoo news, March 18, 2021)

It is true that Trump is gone, yet, the hatred remains. We have felt it, and it will linger for a while.

Again and again, we see different versions of an insidious relationship between racism and perversions of Christian faith, or any faith. The ultra religious are the most pious, yet the most dangerous. They think, they can hurt anyone and still will be forgiven by their church or at the gates of heaven.

We, the Humanist Alliance Philippines International (HAPI), join the outrage over the recent anti Asian violence in the USA and around the world.

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