Beware : fake humanists, fake atheists , fake people : they cannot move on

There are a few fake people I have met. I have given them chances to patch up, but to no avail.

They even pose  as dummy accounts because  their life is in shambles. Pretending is hard, ya know.

They use a dummy account because when the wife discovers  what he is doing,  he will be in the “dog house”.

Such a glaring cowardice without balls. Arrogant asshole, what else can I say?

One is pretending to be pinoy, who has not even set foot in the Philippines. Pretending to save humanity as a white face savior, he is  actually racist, does not like ” black faces”. and even gives a thumb’s up to EJK. . He is an avid Trump supporter and gets mad with me when I post about Hillary.

One is a closet gay atheist, at over 50 is still afraid to come out. Too  bad, still in the dark.

One is an opportunist, chess-player, gets mad when corrected, but she herself is  truly fake.

One is a young self=entitled arrogant narcissist like the previous one, who always underestimates others.

She even underestimated me. She underestimated anyone who is not from Manila.

I could have done something awful,  had I known this incident while I was in Manila.

All the pretensions are gone,  as soon as I refused to support their cause. Oh well, can’t you just move on already? Why did you spend all that money? Social climbers, it is your fault, not mine.

You will no longer taste my money.

Because, I do not support keyboard warriors and fake humanists.



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