HAPI cannot afford morally bankrupt leaders:

Those who run around with married men so they can travel and have money, aka gold diggers.

Those who run around having herself screwed by men for sexual freedom.

Those who think that funds are for their taking : bantay salakay.

Oh well, it is good that they are all gone.

You know who they are.

Yes, HAPI is strict because we follow certain standards.

I was told to lower my standards, no way, Jose.

HAPI is not a Mickey Mouse club.

HAPI is internationally acclaimed, so we do follow international

standards.. because, we do not want anything to bite us in the ass

in the future.. like your orgy and condoning morally bankrupt leaders.

I told you so,, but you think, I was too strict, old fashioned and “pakialamera”.

Well, look at what happened to the other atheist leaders? gone, forsaken and terminated.

You just left in time for a new wave of IDEAL  LEADERS that I really want.

No to morally bankrupt leaders.

Had they not left, I would have terminated them en masse.

Their resignation was the best natural selection there is in my history.

It exposed the liars like Marco Mendoza, who has disappeared on FB.

the gold digger , you know who , she  travels and gets her funds from the backs of rich men.

and the slut, who lets anyone sleep with her to express sexual freedom.

HAPI has the  best since I started my advocacy in 2010.

Thus, I can retire in peace and TRAVEL more with my husband of > 24 years.

Too much talk on FB, but nothing has happened yet.

Keep up with your advocacy.

While we already have a legacy.

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