See foods or seafoods


I am just as lucky as can be.

Our Muslim neighbor is very generous too like my husband.

She would surprise us with tiger shrimp or lobster feast.

Her family has a shrimp boat in the sea of Bengal.

I see food and  not  very picky, I eat anything, but seafoods are my fave.

Unlike my husband , a meat and potato guy!

This morning I was  eating a tamarind, while my husband was eating a dunkin doughnut.

“What the F”  is that? says he. He eats junk foods, while I eat healthy foods.

Lo and behold his cholesterol is better than mine, such a genetic make up he has,

Better than my pinoy make up, I guess.

It  is awesome that both of us have no major medical issues, except for aging  symptoms.

Better aging, we are still lucky, some did not reach our ages, they died young.

Enjoy life to the fullest, a lot of travel plans to satisfy our bucket list.



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