“I want to see the sunset of religion”  – Ms M
Greetings from NYC, USA!
The advent of social media made me conquer barriers in communication, especially on Facebook.
While in NY, which is  over 8,000 miles total  straight line flight distance  away, I was able to create a society that can eventually  change the mindset of  Filipinos via education,  about critical thinking, science, logic, reason, and eradication of superstition.
In short, I want to see the sunset of religion.
Since HAPI’s inception in 2013, I have encountered the strengths and
frailties of humanity. With emotional  peaks and valleys, I am still here, which means, it is feasible to bounce back,  each time someone punches you in the face, or stabs you in the back.
HAPI is a very dynamic society, we always  evolve for the better.
We constantly weed out the undesirables,  or they just weed themselves out.
On the positive note, we have had numerous events and activities despite the pandemic.
A proof that humanism does not stop amid  pandemic.
There were a lot of new events  that we conducted,  like that in Mount Haduan, a commencement of
our HAPI-Literacy school with the IP,  called Aetas in Pampanga.
HAPI-kids in Alabang, HAPI-ARK in Bacolod and HAPI junior events in collaboration with other youth groups are mainstays in HAPI since 2014.
La Union just started after a huge  event in a school . HAPI-Green movement prospered also .
But the best thing that happened during the pandemic was, the  strengthening of HAPI Scholars,
which I started in 2018. I added more to make it eleven scholars,  with ages ranging from 13-26.
HAPI scholars’  group was a phenomenal group garnering 11, 000 likes in barely 5 months and
reaching 4 million at their FB page.
These scholars are so amazing that, I do not have to do much for them, but,  finance some events.
They are also in charge of the HAPI website manned by Bryan since 2015.
The website is teeming with scholarly articles for the very first time in my 10 advocacy years.
Very recently, a new financial team has been appointed. Angie and Mutya
are multi-taskers, hard working duo,  that will do everything to reach new heights of success.
They are good mothers,  on top of being event planners,  and eggheads of events
in Metro Manila and beyond.
This is our 7th anniversary , and on our 8th year which is 2021, it should be better.
We are looking at expanding the chapters especially in Mindanao region.
“I will be HAPI forever” is now,  my mantra.
I am ms M, I am not afraid.
Do not underestimate a woman with a passion.
I  did not get here by chance. I worked hard for it, with my blood, sweat and tears.
Marissa Torres Langseth , RN, MSN ANP (Retired)
HAPI Founder
HAPI Chairperson Emeritus
HAPI Chief Mission Officer
HAPI Scholars’ Founder  and Philanthropist

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