Only Genuinely Strong Women Stay in HAPI, not for HYPOCRITES

Only genuinely strong women can stay in HAPI.
If you can be “gaslit” easily,  you cannot be happy and HAPI.
If you are hypocrite and just pretentious, you can never be in HAPI.

Some women are just like that: pretentious, weak  and shows off their idiocy and stupidity.

I can see through you without any effort. I was just patient covering for you.

Your vapid assessment of me is just a projection of yourself.

Think about that, where are you now?

Cannot even move without my money.. you said the same thing

to the others. How hypocrite can you be?  cannot even build your own society made of trees.

Better Philippines, my ass.. a tarsier -like woman , too cachectic and too busy to do tasks for HAPI ,

yet,  has a lot of time running after dicks! what a loser.

More hypocrites coming out !

Cannot even bring peace to her own small group,

you cannot even agree with the present BOT.

what kind of MJ are you smoking?

Yet,  wants me to have peace with the backstabbers?

What are you thinking? You can see my mistake,  yet you cannot see

yourself being a deluded, lunatic  rambling at  times unintelligently.

Cannot even make peace with your own small group and cannot

even hold  an organized and civil  discussion with the present  BOT,

without a litany of your self-aggrandizement and stuff.

You do need psych evaluation after medical clearance.

You misunderstand every quote I post, you think it is about you

and about them, how big a  dullard are you?

Confucius does not even know who you are,  what a shame..

Just so,  you can be called a “pacifier” or a peace maker ?

Can’t you see  this humongous hypocrisy of yours?

Want to be a real living hero?

No need to do anything, but, be quiet.

Because every time you open  your mouth, it  is all about you.
can’t  you see how self-absorbed you are?

and you call me names.. Funny you are,

You are just the same as those who left:  weak, pretentious and

easily  gaslit and frankly,  have ” skeletons in the closet”.

Mind you, why you even post how much money you send on FB?

and that you call yourself humble? Use your brain cells for a change..

It just shows  how stupid you are.

I call that “showing off” and telling your friends about your “giving”.

At least , I am not a hypocrite. I boast about HAPI, because I am proud being

the founder of HAPI. and Yes, I have that bragging rights!

Be like Evita Peron when you can!

We can never please everyone. As a leader, it is your “death sentence” when you do.

Our HAPI people are loyal and not lukewarm, nor seeking attention like you bitches!

See us on our pretty new website  :   

PS. statue of Evita Peron in Argentina ( Maria Eva Duarte de Peron)

//Having grown up a poor girl, Eva was a prominent figure with whom the women of Argentina could identify, bolstering her support as a leading activist. Despite this, some women did not “approve” of her impoverished background and refused to support her in her endeavors; this was merely a hindrance which Eva overlooked as she took up activism in the name of Women’s Rights. Eva voted only once in her lifetime, just before her death due to cancer. Because of her activism, she and all Argentinian women rejoiced in a victory of justice and equality.// copy pasted about Eva Peron.

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