What really makes me happy and HAPI

I learned how to share what I have,  since time immemorial.

I learned  more, when I became very happy and HAPI.

Now, that my family is well-secured, I want to secure HAPI also.

Like my second child,  you know.

Last year, I started building an investment vehicle for HAPI.

This year, I will build more for HAPI to make them more  financially stable

and secure their future.

Launch a new book this March, long overdue?

What about for my birthday gift? Let us see.

I am done buying signature stuff for myself.

Material things do not thrill me anymore.

I am more thrilled seeing HAPI flourish

and HAPI members do their activism for the Philippines.

What more  can I  do?

Is to make HAPI more secure and  financially stable more than ever.




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