Misogynist atheist assholes in the Philippines


995357_1284129801602130_1856641407113985545_nWould you believe some atheists are so misogynist, that they attack me personally, but,  on FB. I want to see you when I get home to the Philippines! This is my challenge. I know all of you.

No wonder, these scumbags remain poor, unable to improve themselves and have no pot to pee.

Some of them owe people money , cannot repay them , hid from them and even badmouth them on FB.

Some of them are sexual predators, that is why they were banned in HAPI.

Some were caught stealing, continue to deny it , yet cannot prove their innocence.

Some are just too arrogant to be in HAPI, were ” butthurt “,  because they were caught having Janus face.

Some are just following blindly, like a blind leading the blind.

Misogyny is supposed to be only for the religious.

I guess,  misogyny is common in pinoy mentality, a part and parcel of crab mentality , envy and jealousy. Unfortunately, I know these assholes personally. AlI can say is that, they need to seek psychological help because they cannot see a mote in their eyes.

These people lack integrity, from the get go.


3 thoughts on “Misogynist atheist assholes in the Philippines

  1. I’ve lived long enough in this earth to know that life is a constant learning cycle. The best way to go through it is not to be involved too much in activities or things you can do without. Some people
    are happy with their lot, some rise above it.

    I’ve had it with help people who later belittle
    or do not appreciate things done for them, directly or indirectly, To us,
    who try to contribute in our little way to make this a better
    world and somehow gets disappointed or dismayed as an
    aftermath teaches us that people are people, God’s creatures as they love to invoke, and we can only do so much in doing our

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