Another Book Review on “No Outside Intelligence”

Another book review : 5.0 out of 5 stars from Mahrina Chowdhury Bains.
A very positive message that this book exudes is that love doesn’t come from God.
May 10, 2018
Format: Paperback
“No Outside Intelligence” was a very interesting read, well worth one’s time.
What drew me the most to this autobiography was the honesty of emotion that went into it.
As I read it, I appreciated the author’s raw emotion and admired the courage she had to expose
her struggles to share with the reader how she got to the point she did.A true rags to riches story of a woman who , in the face of adversity, was determined to climb out
of the ditches of poverty and use her wits to gain an education and professional experience
which set her on a life journey from a small town in the Philippines to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
and then eventually to New York.Through this autobiography, we see her transition and evolution …from being raised in a strict Roman Catholic
family to evolving into an altruistic atheist. A very positive message that this book exudes is that love doesn’t
come from God…it comes from within and that we are all responsible today for the way the world turns out tomorrow.Another positive message emitted from this book is that that goodness does not come from the fear of God and punishment does not come from the wrath of God.And a third key message to take from Ms. M’s book is that that we are all born with the ability to think for ourselves rather than blindly and unquestioningly follow the scriptures of a Holy Book.

Personally, I feel that we need more Marissas in the world. If one would meet her, she comes across as a happy bubbly spirit – no one would believe the darkness she had faced in her childhood and past from the positivity she exudes when one meets her!

Lovely Mahrina with her 2 awesome sons: Aman on the right and Fateh on the left.

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