No Outside Intelligence Necessary

I cried last night,

Tears of joy and happiness.

My sons  and daughters in humanism,

Are finally here.

Evident, confident, will stay with me forever.

Some will get married,

some will stay single.

I love them just the same.

and they,  love me,  I hope.

Someone asked me to be a godmother for his wedding for next year

It tickled me pink,

Finally a solid proof of me having new kids.

Kids  who are proven humanists,

Not just for show, but  with hearts in the right places as proofs.

Awesome, indeed, I hope this feeling will continue.

I can die anytime, my legacy is now written in stone.

Thanks to the new BOT and Officers in HAPI,

who were with me thru thick and thin.

Not an ounce of pretension nor opportunism.

Good riddance to those who left in Sept 15, 2017.

I have more awe and wonder,

Than anyone I know.

I am glad I am an atheist,

But humanist at that.

No outside intelligence necessary.



1 thought on “No Outside Intelligence Necessary

  1. My dear…. the poem touched me
    it’s like a feeling fancy
    made me in fantasy
    words that meant feelings
    launched and stir power.

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