What does not kill you, makes you stronger

Backstory of HAPI. ( Why am I overprotective of HAPI)

First President/ED was Alvin Cloyd Dakis – he turned out to be pretentious, controlling, free loader, jobless at that time. He made HAPI his piggy bank, he did not account what was sent to him by other  2 donors. My fault was to send him some help when he said his apartment was burned down … Then he asked for another  loan  from me of  $1000 USD of which only 5 k pesos was paid for. He also tried to bilk me of monthly rent for HAPI office  and air conditioner for him and his lover who also made money from me selling me  expensive tshirts for them to use in Baguio. Alvin Dakis also tried to steal HAPI from me by changing the bylaws and calling me “just a donor” and an honorary Chairwoman.

Aljohn de Leon – executive secretary, my scholar for 2 years , but was a real scammer at age 16. He was in charge of the website. He was studying in Bulacan State University  as he claimed with elaborate scams making me feel trapped because he was holding the website.. Until, I finally found out that the scamming was real, making me like his “sugar mommy”.  I terminated him from HAPI.. He destroyed, and removed all articles, pictures, videos from the HAPI website.. I was scammed of > $ 26k USD ( all from my pockets) and 10k pesos from HAPI funds. He was supposed to attend the AHC in Singapore, but failed to attend due to his excuses and excuses. Who knows what he did. He was reported to NBI, who confirmed that he was in BulSu for only a semester.  This was my biggest loss  and my biggest heartache. Imagine, helping him  and treating him like your own blood, but he was  just treating me like a “gold mine.”

Glomar Maravillas – as a volunteer was good at first,  but became self-entitled when he found out we have some HAPI funds reserved for events. His proposal  to help a sick child in the hospital was declined by the CFO and the HAPI-IC at that time. He became arrogant and wanted to change some statements in the bylaws of HAPI.  He left blaming the ED Joey at that time,  that he was too weak and did not do much for HAPI. He thought that HAPI gets a lot of donations in millions. He is too dull to understand that I am the biggest donor of HAPI and PATAS (when I was still there). He is such a self entitled prick,  that he thinks he should get a piece of that pie from HAPI and donate it to whomever he wants. Glomar has tried to come into the HAPI main forum as a dummy account, several times, but is always caught due to his stupid posts and remarks.  He has not gone forward, behaving like a  child, too immature for our society. He has no job and sucks life from his wife.

Jing Dalagan.. stole X amount of money from me and HAPI funds,  she tried to pay by donating to HAPI kids, but  trust has been broken. I used to help her too from my own pockets.. but she thought that money grow on trees in NYC, USA> and behaving badly as if I owe her some. when she was just really  free loading and  “asking for more  money”. .. She does not even know how to thank us for helping her take the Boards to become a lawyer, which she failed.

The  en mass resignation in Sept 2017.. was just a stage show and drama  of the pretenders, opportunists,  chess-players, self entitled arrogant narcissists, gaslighters and gay atheist who are too afraid to come out. They are just fake humanists, keyboard warriors who cannot attend the HAPI con.. too afraid to face the music and dance with me.

I do not tolerate such acts of dishonesty, pretense  and stupidity.  Until now they have no new society, which they proudly  posted : “the resignees are planning something” . It has been > 4 months.. where the fuck is it? I am still waiting.

Finally the “gaslighter” dummy account,   made AMP his own.. he removed the subtitle and affiliation with HAPI.. truly, an act of desperation.

Now, who is in that divisive mode all along? Your ulterior motive is glaring like your pathological lies.

I could have been killed many many times, but I am still alive and kicking.

These experiences made me stronger, HAPI is my second society. I am protecting it,  so it will not become another PATAS.

I am wiser than all of them, they unfriended me? I blocked them.

I  just want to help the Philippines. I do not need fame nor fortune. I am financially stable, come hell or high water, HAPI will survive.

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