How to keep your weight without exercising and be happy with yourself

Keeping your ideal weight is key to be healthy. The IBW should be 10% lower than the suggested body weight. There are so many  ways to keep your weight in check. The following are examples and could help you lose weight.

1. Eat 3 to 5 small meals a day. Start breakfast ie hot or cold cereal, an apple or any fruit in between, sandwich and salad for lunch, fruit or nothing and fish and potato for dinner. Be sure to eat dinner before 6pm to allow good digestion of your meal before retiring to bed.

2. Avoid sugar, salt and fat. Drinking soda is not only a waste of money but will surely destroy your bones and teeth. Studies show that it causes calcium loss  thus softening the bones. Soda is sugar-treated drinks that has no valuable nutrients and can cause gastritis. Do you know that it can erode the linings of the stomach when taken first thing in the morning? Try pouring soda on top of the hood of your car, you can see how it reacts to the paint and erodes the paint, now think of it when  you drink softdrinks. Can you visualize this? Listen, just drink water.

I have stopped drinking soda 10 years ago. Now, I do not have gastritis and my sugar level is always normal. The big benefit is that I am keeping my weight without much exercise.

Salt is deleterious to your health. You need very little of this electrolyte. it causes water absoption when salt is more than the body requires. It causes edema or swelling of the tissues and some race are so sensitive to salt that it causes high blood pressure. (Blacks).

Fat is an offender only if it is saturated, trans (artificial) and if too much in your body. However, we need fat especially fat from fish, nuts, olive oil or polyunsaturated fats. I only use olive and canola oils for food preparation.

Moderation is the key in anything you eat. Self discipline, of course, goes a long, long way. Can you stand not to eat ice cream when everybody around you are? Can you stand to have tilapia while your hubby is eating filet mignon or T-Bone steak? I can, what about you?

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