How to release your frustrations

The heart is the reservoir of all emotions: Love, anger, sadness, frustration, etc. etc. You do not want to have a heart attack, so, you need to unload the burden in your heart from time to time.

Some strategies I have learned to release strong emotions from my heart especially frustrations:

1. Scream at the top of your lungs. Whenever I feel frustrated, I go to my room or the bathroom and just scream until all the  steam has been released. I feel better afterwards.

2. Cursing also helps. You let out all bad emotions from your heart. Cuss to your heart content, and feel that release from your heart, but, be sure that nobody is in the room when you cuss.

3. Walk away when you know that you have been defeated. You cannot be wrong and strong.  Accept your defeat and say ” I am sorry”. Asking for an apology is also a release of emotion. You cannot be carrying a heavy heart all the time. Forgive your enemies, and move on. I forgave all my enemies but I still could not let them in  into my kingdom. I stay away from them because I do not want them to bring me down, like the crabs in a bucket!

4. Punch your pillows 100 times and act as if the pillow is your opponent. Trust me, you will feel better afterwards.

5. Divert your attention to something more productive. Go to the gym, take a walk in the park, run around your neighborhood, in short, just do something.

This will release your frustrations and the bonus is you will burn more calories so you will lose some weight without even knowing it. Now, that is the best form of releasing frustrations !

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