The Best Defense Against Viral Infections (Common cold, H1N1, Influenza)

A virus (from the Latin virus meaning toxin or poison) is a microscopic infectious agent that can reproduce only inside a host cell. Viruses infect all types of organisms: from animals and plants, to bacteria and archaea.[1] Since the initial discovery of tobacco mosaic virus by Martinus Beijerinck in 1898,[2] more than 5,000 types of virus have been described in detail,[3] although most types of virus remain undiscovered.[4] Viruses are ubiquitous, as they are found in almost every ecosystem on Earth,[5] and are the most abundant type of biological entity on the planet.     ( from Wikipedia) 

                                                                                                                       Virus abound and are here to stay. They mutate as often as you change your shirt. They are common just like the common cold. We even have viruses in our body, without us knowing it. They are all over. No escape from them.

What is your defense against these suckers? You!

Start physical assessment of yourself. Are you healthy enough to fight the virus? What food do you eat? Or what goes into your system? Picture yourself like a brand new car- When the specification says unleaded gas, do you put crude oil? Do you wash your car at least monthly? Do you overload your car so that all tires become flat?

Just the same, take charge of your body. Eat food only that is good for you. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Some vegetables are better when eaten raw to get he most of its nutrition. Stay away from processed foods like bacon, ham, or anything with preservative. You do not want to preserve your intestines, right?

Fluids are necessary, because at least 2/3 of our body is made of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Water is more important than food. Do you know that you can live longer without food than water? Stay away from softdrinks or any sugared drinks. You need to stay away from anything with refined sugar. Honey, mascubado sugar, maple syrup are alternative to sugar. Better still, stay away from anything sweet!

Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Give yourself enough rest and sleep. This is how your body repairs itself. While you are sleeping, your body cells rejuvenate itself. Why do you think graveyard shift is called as such? Nocturnal shifts weaken your defense mechanism. In fact, I know of some friends and acquaintances who got sick ( with cancer) because of working at night.

The sun is also important. Vit D that is free for all. There is a study that Vit D helps prevent cancers, however, do not overdo it as the sun will also accelerate aging process and can cause skin cancers. Just the same, take care of yourself. Would you want your car to get burned? No!

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Start by walking, then progress to running or something that can make you perspire. If running up and down the building suits you then do it without ado.

As much as possible stay away from antibiotics. They do not kill viruses. In fact, you are just training your immune system to be weak when you rely a lot on antibiotics. Doctors are not frank and honest enough to tell you that they are not good for you, but rather would prescribe it to keep you coming back or just to keep you quiet.

To summarize, your best defense against viruses is your immune system. You can choose what you want to become.

Get immunized! I get my flu shot every year. It is free of charge from my company and work place. It is a hearsay, that people get sick from the shot.  It has no evidence at all that the flu shots can cause influenza. Do not listen to what other people say about the shots. Do not listen to ordinary people about medical care.  You are better off listening to medical providers. Nurse practitioners are trained especially in disease prevention, so it is best to listen to them!

Take care of yourself just like how you take care of your car so it can serve you well. Do you want a nice car every three years?

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