Self-entitlement : A Filipino way to steal and scam

Self-entitlement is rampant everywhere, but worse in the Philippine society.  Some Filipinos think that they are entitled to my money when I ask them to do things that they voluntarily do,  like activism and propagation of critical thinking.

I must be naive to think that they do it for humanity’s sake. I did not know that it is their way to scam and steal from me.

The work and volunteering disappeared as soon as I stopped helping them financially. Did you say, volunteering needs money? and distort the meaning of charity. Charity is paying it forward.

You left hurriedly when I stopped my financial help, it was a clue that you are just a thief and worse a scammer. Two of you with the same paths: scamming and manipulating those who are kind hearted. No wonder, you protected each other, you both are of the same cloth.

Good riddance!


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