Public Service : Lies and more lies from a SCAMMER: ALJOHN DE LEON

ALJOHN DE LEON – the face of a desperate scammer and pathological liar, exposed for asking money from OFWs and foreigners and my wealthy associates.

What can a scammer / a sociopath/pathological liar  do in retaliation to my expose’ about him ? But, write a long narrative sob stories full of lies and fabricated stories , so, gullible people will believe him. He is just trying to deflect his misdeeds and to defend himself.

I have so much to give that is why I made societies that can help some people..I could have done this just by being a lone philanthropist. But I encountered a sociopath like ALJOHN de LEON, who got mad when I can no longer support him… .war of words only ? let us see who will have a better life.. I already have..

Those societies know me personally, by the way, and they have been appraised of his scamming and termination, so that he will not be able to ask funding from them using my name.

I have a great job, besides, my husband is also comfortable.

We do not need donations..all donations go to HAPI.

I have all xoom transactions and witnesses for ALJOHN DE LEON’s , theft and scamming and OUTRIGHT LIES and fabricated stories.. he will get what he deserved.

My latest Xoom transactions of personal funds from my own personal bank sent to Aljohn.. .. Just one of 5 pages .

ALJOHN de Leon is very  desperate now because he was EXPOSED as a professional SCAMMER  and pathological LIAR. He was pretending to be a humanist and attached himself to me, so that he can scam my wealthy associates and myself.

I am not afraid.

Aljohn’s PM to a friend from Belgium..take note of his “termination words and support from me”

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