I never lose, EITHER I WIN or I learn


My experiences in my advocacy seem like a roller coaster ride.

I have met a lot of unscrupulous atheists in my first advocacy.  All they want from me was money. They do not even know how to apologize for publicly shaming me, or secretly bad mouthing me. I am now convinced that some atheists are pathological liars and sociopaths. What I cannot understand is that, they are mostly LGBTs. I cannot fathom the significance of sexuality having to do with their evil deeds. But, I know that some of them are really bad people using their talents in nefarious ways.

My loss in the recent experience was never money. It was the betrayal that pained me. It was the expectation of  someone supporting someone to make him be successful in life and “integrity” that he has destroyed for himself. I am sad for him.

However, life has to continue.

I only lost money, they  lost their integrity. At  least  3 of them.

I never lose, either I win  or I learn. I am HAPI.


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