I must be crazy,

for starting a society to herd atheists,

they suck my bank like I am a “gold mine”.

They bit my ass like I am their “stupid”.

I must be crazy,

to do something for the Philippines,

that I will not even benefit, nor get anything from.

All I got were  heartaches, headaches and an empty bank account.

They robbed me, vilified me, badmouthed me.

I must be crazy for doing so much yet, all I got was

to be called a fame whore and names on the bad dictionary.

I must be crazy to meet thieves galore

and nefarious atheists, some too evil to mention.

I must be crazy, your time is done

just wait and see.

For a crazy lady can also make a difference in your lives.

and so be it  :”  I am Crazy”.

But beware!


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