Why I retired early : I am human


I had a very lovely job : empowering patients about their disease and treatment choices, as an adult Nurse Practitioner of one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. It was a challenging and difficult job, yet, I  Iove  it very much.

The remuneration package was top notch,  with 6-figure basic salary with bonuses galore,  and free trips for educational days. It was a job everyone would love to have , but , with the right credentials and experience.

But, came a supervisor so new in the field, she treated patients like numbers. I always fought for my patients even if I worked for that insurance company. I cannot stand people whose priority is their pockets than patients.

I cannot stay in a company whereby my ethical values clash with their philosophy and company policy. A human being is more valuable than money in my pockets. I cannot fight city hall anymore, I had to leave, or I will blow the whistle.

It is sometimes better to be at peace, than to be right.

I am just lucky, I was able to retire early and did not even miss my salary. My husband supported my decision, of course, he knows I am right all along.

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