Ten lepers healed, only One came back to say “thank you”


15032883_1681308382128961_1280991592122798347_nGratitude is the mother of success.

But, alas, very few people know how to thank those who made the early movements of atheism and humanism possible.

I say, remember the ten lepers? that  is all the same,  nine will leave and forget you, while only one will remember to thank you.

No expectation is better, you will not get frustrated nor annoyed.

That is how life will take you,  better to put yourself first than others.

I learned my lessons well, now,  I feel less obliged and less guilty to help others.

I do not need fame nor fortune, and have no vested interest in the Philippines.  I will not even retire there. I do not have to do activism  in the Philippines, but the next generations need our guidance.

That is all I do.

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