I did not lose anything : Lesson learned

I learned that not all humanists are real.

Some are opportunists, chess players and self entitled arrogant narcissists.

Some would just like to ride in someone’s coattail.

and some atheists are worse.. they are thieves and scammers..

And even want to remove me from my own society that I founded?  how evil could you be..

Tough luck, you and your minions have left. GOOD RIDDANCE.

I did not lose anything,  we gained more.

They lost their credibility and integrity..

I learned from  past experiences never to repeat them.

I am resilient, I  will  prevail.

I always have the last laugh.

I will never chase anyone.

Please do not do me any special favors.

My  advocacy is for my country, not for myself.

If you still did not get that. then get the fuck out of  my way.!

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