Humanism can never die, unless we let it die.

Some humanists claiming to be “pure”  are essentially hypocrites and evil.

Take note of that bitter damsel barking at the crowd: She tried to bilk me of 400k pesos to buy a lemon farm and cajoled me to buy a land in Leyte for her, as her death bed.

A real manipulative lady,  trying to commit  suicide in  her depressive mood

and maniacal episodes she has with guns and knives in her hands.

My sisters even told me a story about her: She wants to resign from her job, so that HAPI can pay her as an activist. WTF is this all about? A true hypocrite thru and through the bones.

I am not scared of that bitter damsel : She is just a laughing stock because all her so called friends know how sorry lot she is, running after a married man with children, but failed in the end.

She even befriended those  people of same color, people who are shady and can never be trusted, whom she dread to be associated with before,  calling them ” equal to orgy”.

How low can you go just to get back at me. I ‘d rather be alone, than be in a bad company.

Simply called integrity, which you do not have.

Is that a “pure humanist”? Besides being  anti-LGBT, anti-poor and elitist?

You be the judge.


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