Dummy Account of my stalker : G.M.

Some people cannot let go of HAPI on their minds.
They wish  it is a source of income for them, or
Make it a form of livelihood.
They make dummy accounts just to get into HAPI.
They try to come back hoping to get a piece of that pie.
They still cannot fathom why we are successful with events
and activities galore.
Where is your logic asshole? 
I am still here, I am the biggest donor.
Can  you see what happened to the societies that I ditched?
They dove into abyss  because there are no more donations.
Money begets money , kindness begets kindness.
Nobody would like to invest in a society where people are untrustworthy or  dishonest.
They followed me in HAPI, donated once in a while,
A proof that people believe in me, no matter what you say.
Nonetheless, I remain the biggest donor, thus, no matter what,
even if we have donations or not, HAPI will continue.
Stop your stalking, we know who you are.
You cannot hide because your heart is full of envy and hatred for me.
You are no equal to me, you have no balls like I do.
Now, look for a job and continue licking your wife’s ass.. like you always do.

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