Another feather in the HAPI cap


The  HAPI-GA is fast approaching, now here is another good news.

On top of the new donors, and my huge donation, we will  surely have a great General Assembly in Bacolod, Philippines. The post -GA feast will be sponsored by  Michael Sherman, Assistant Chairman and Liaison Officer,  coming from the USA.

Indeed, kindness begets kindness.



Travel grants for HAPI 2018 General Assembly in Bacolod

Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) is a Member Organization of the IHEU since 2015. Recently HAPI has been extremely active, organising a series of three Café Humaniste events in one month.

In October HAPI will have its 2018 General Assembly “The Road Ahead“, with individual members getting to Bacolod from all over the Philippines and internationally.

The IHEU awarded to HAPI £800 to help members of HAPI to attend the General Assembly.

For more information about HAPI travel grants, please write to

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