Depression : A disease no one knows how to cure?

Psychiatry is my second specialty..

I have prescribed a lot of antidepressants, antipsychotics and adjuvants to anti-depressants  and psychological support.. .

But,  I believe that there are many exogenous and contributory factors to depression.. eg environmental, genetics, assholes in your life, poverty, lack of purpose, too early successes in life, lack of parental guidance, sibling parasites, no appreciation to life.. lack luster sex life due to loss of libido, multicultural and peer pressure..etc etc..

Therefore, the best treatment modality is a combination of medications and psychological support.. Get out from your present location or position if you feel depressed..

Maybe a change of surroundings will help..

If your serotonin levels are low. try some new techniques in socialization..

Or take your medicines religiously ..If it does not help.. talk to a professional.

Whatever works is the best treatment.. some medications do not work after 24 months, so a switch to another medication is suggested..

(Free medical advice from me, but I have retired already)

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