BEWARE : A real Gaslighter on the loose, and a TRUMPTARD

This gaslighter is active again, trying to poison the well..

He just cannot accept that he failed miserably, unable to make another society better than HAPI.

Which reminds me:

Please BEWARE!
I almost became a victim of a gaslighter : .. Until he told me :
“: I am not happy that you love your husband” and ” You can live in seclusion” and I saw how he called me “mentally ill”..
He is a dummy account, was previously a HAPI officer..and a TRUMPTARD, a hen-pecked in real life, and without BALLS.
Until now, he cannot live with himself being an outcast of HAPI.. 
still trying to gaslight the HAPI volunteers, sending them PM’s about me.. LOL.. already stalking my page..

My sanity came back.. when I saw my husband in the hospital with a fractured hip. He gave me a clear picture that I was being gaslit only.
Please be careful : He will get to you sooner than later because until now they have not formed any nonreligious society, like what they promised..
As per other people.. he is good with #talkshit only.
This Trumptard is also a self confessed snake .. a true backstabber : Good RIDDANCE!


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