Putting Food on the Table is always First

Advocacy is difficult, especially in the Philippines.

Most  people need to put food on the table than be advocates of humanism.

That is priority, no question about it, which I truly understand.

The inflation has triggered a lot of lives, nowadays.

I am fortunate, I am privileged enough not to care about economy.

After one year of “en masse resignation” still no society ? not even an event?

Also affected by economic situations or just plain laziness, and disorganization.

Now, you see what is leading, you cannot even do it.

Are you guilty as charged? Cannot even move forward and how  to make a

“Better Philippines. “. The more the merrier, but alas, still none?

Putting food on the table is still priority , no matter what you do.

I am sad, some people need to go abroad to make ends meet

Just like what I did in 1990. That was a long time ago, I am as happy as a lark.

I  can continue my advocacy as long as I live.

Who cares about you? After one year, you have proven you cannot do anything right.

I pity  you all and yes continue living, but making a society is difficult,  but usurpation

is your specialty. But even then you failed.

What good are you for? but dummy , dummy and dummy account only.



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