I hope : This time it will be sweeter

I have decided to stay on the sidelines of  HAPI. I already did much of activism since 2011.

I need to rest and concentrate on my husband and travels, and of course, cruises.

It is time to pass the torch of leadership  to the most responsible and most loyal people in HAPI>

But, I do hope: this time it will be sweeter.

Unlike last year’s,  when that dummy account took over, he gaslit the weak and feeble minded

Hoping to topple me.. instead of making it stronger and brighter,, he divided the staff : typical of a power hungry human.

Pretending to be humanist, but really just a  “snake and termite”, just like the others I have met in 2013.

Good thing, the “working class” stayed and we have recruited better humanists since then.

My strategy is not to ” recycle old rugs”, but to find new people.

New people who can run HAPI without much supervision.

New people with experience as a chairman of an NFP (non -profit programs).

New people whose loyalty to HAPI is bigger than themselves.

New people who are not self entitled arrogant assholes, nor opportunists.

New people without ulterior motives, but for the greater  good of the Philippines.

I found him in HAPI. I met him twice: Once in Florida, and once in Manila.

Please read, if you have not done that yet.


HAPI : The state of the Union


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