Patagonia: an adventure of a lifetime in South America

I have not heard of Patagonia until my FB friend mentioned it and a friend of my husband wanted to see it. So,  off we go to South America.

The journey started in Santiago Chile, navigating to Punta Arenas, to Magdalena Penguin Island, to Calafate and to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Patagonia is a wide beautiful  land that covers Chile and Argentina with the Andes Mountains dividing them.

An adventure of a lifetime. Not everyone on earth can see this place like any other tourist places.

It is a galore of the most scenic views in the world with mountains covered with snow, glaciers and icebergs and natural resources.

The snow-capped mountains speak for itself.

One can feel the  bone chilling coldness and the howling winds up to 70 m / minute.

It is a place that reminds me of Zermatt, Switzerland, when we climbed to see the Matterhorn in an elevator.

Patagonia is so pure, that a few interested tourists come to visit it. No elevators but treacherous terrains.

It is not polished nor classy like Zermatt, but, the places are lovelier in its purest form.

The Spanish conquestadores discovered this place looking for spices in the 1520, just the same,

the natives were fooled, enslaved,  some  slaughtered to capture the beauty of  the land.




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