Strong Women, HAPI Women by Glemir Sordilla

Strong Women, HAPI Women

March is known and celebrated as the International Women’s Month. Precisely, on March 8 every year because of the organized Women’s Day by Party of America back in 1909. It is the focal point in the movement for women’s right. Since this, many actions are made for the empowerment of women around the world. It is already proven that women are foundations of strength and power. They are warriors that conquered various challenges because of doubts clouding their capabilities. Beliefs that women just belong inside the house or in the kitchen. Doubts from the earlier time in history where they were seen as inferior but nowadays, they empower and celebrate the success of each other and they still continue to thrive.

Our very own HAPI Founder and Chairperson Emeritus, Marissa Torres Langseth or Ms. M, is a great example in defining a true genuinely¬† strong woman. From her inspirational early years that shaped her in being indestructible in countless atrocious, tasteless attacks that are aimed in her direction, to making this organization bloom through her zealous generosity and heartwarming support, she truly is a paradigm of a strong woman. Many people come and go but, like many people say, “Ms. M is here to stay.”

Together with her are many unshakeable women from HAPI. Ms. M recognized their unwavering force in making a difference by devoting their time and effort in changing and developing the things that is happening around them. These strong, HAPI women are, Jamie Del Rosario Martines, Jhing Dedicatoria, Patricia Milton, Filipinas del Valle, Glemir Sordilla, Elena Allen, Rizalina Carr, Amz Higgins and Kris Tianne Fallarcuna. They embody the essence of a HAPI woman.

Women from HAPI and other countless female around the world shares how it is being strong willed and strong hearted that defiantly believes in the future where women are involved, recognized and respected in whatever field they have chosen. An ensuing time where discrimination towards a specific gender is non existent and a future where people help and work harmoniously for the betterment of humanity.

Women in HAPI will continue being viciously gentle and unapologetically themselves because being an empowered woman, empowers women.

To all women out there, continue in educating yourself and shatter more glass ceilings. To all women who stood up, made noise and demanded on what they deserve and to those who silently made history, Happy Women’s Month, it truly is a celebration being a woman.


Glemi Sordilla – HAPI journalist

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