We have arrived : A huge HAPI grant

“The best is yet to come” – well, it is here now.

HAPI was granted a very huge grant by Humanists International,  good  for 2 years for HAPI-MVP (Mobilization, Vlogging Project). RIGHT, huge as in huge..

Therefore a solid evidence,  that we have arrived. Our ED AJ, has spent sleepless nights creating/collaborating/collating  events with specific locations and budgeting to visit the Philippines for video vlogging, which  paid off very, very well.

For those who underestimated  AJ,  our very own ED since 2017 : You have our middle finger! This project is his until 2021 ending in Nepal!

Indeed kindness begets kindness and paying it forward pays great rewards.

and still with other sources of funds from FBBN and Humanist Global!

So, what to do with  the funds I am sending from my own pockets?

It will make the HAPI wealth manager very, very busy, building for the HAPI future .

In the meantime, I will  be enjoying my vacations, thinking that my second baby is well taken cared of, and the  assurance that  no one will try to steal it again.

OH yeah! It is good to have the best officers who are not pretenders nor gold diggers.

For those who followed my lead, thank you.
You are on the right path. My experiences taught me which path not to take,
therefore, I have wisdom.
Respect, not obedience.
ms M

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