Common sense and Nature : Prayers do not work!

With all these viruses and multi-resistant bacteria coming out,

use NATURE and COMMON SENSE for prevention :

good hygiene, (wash hands after using the toilet),
Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. and drink plenty of H2O. JUST EAT!
Stay away from places that breeds bacteria and viruses like closely knit community.
Plenty of exercise and SLEEP to build strong immunity.
Regular vaccines for herd immunity, eg Fluvax, pneumovax.
Lifestyle modifications if you have diabetes, hypertension or auto immune diseases, take meds regularly if you are on specific meds.

As much as possible, stay away from hospitals, a breeding ground for nosocomial diseases.
Do not let FEAR ruin your vacation. There is one life to live.

Stay away from prayers, there has no reports that they actually work.

In short, prayers are useless and for personal interest only.

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