I did not realize there are evil people until I know Trump, who downplayed Covid-19 pandemic.
I did not realize there are idiots, until, I met pinoy Trump supporters.
I did not realize that there are gold diggers, until I met some lady who called herself as a chess player (She will not move unless she gets something).
I did not know gaslighting, until I met MM aka AW, who gaslit my staff and divided them like a boiled potato.
I did not know scammers until I was scammed many times.. I thought , I was helping them care for the community.
I did not know gullible, until I was manipulated again. I thought, I was just being helpful.
I speak because, I have been good to people, yet taken advantaged of ..
There is nothing wrong with me,
and everything wrong with you.
I am traveling again.. I bet you are very jealous , AGAIN!

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