20/20 Hindsight / HAPI 7th Anniversary

The year 2020, I thought everything will just fall off the earth. It was a mess, a year,  “not to remember”.

Boy, I was wrong,  2020 just proved something out of the ordinary.

That some people could be really wrong and strong.

Since 2013, HAPI has been successful, with peak s and valleys galore.

But, 2020 , was the best, I presume.

In my almost 10 years of activism, I have seen it all.

Activists coming to HAPI just to take advantage of my kindness, they flee like insects

when discovered.

But, the real good ones stay, dedicated to our advocacy, should I say.

Yes, it is HAPI 7th anniversary.. going on 8th, I should say.

HAPI are those that stay and those who became my HAPI scholars

For they will inherit HAPI and  more .. you know what I mean.


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