“Mag-ingat” kay Ms M, says the terminated scammer

Indeed, because I will not condone theft, dishonesty and scamming in HAPI.

Never did, never now and never will.

If you are no longer with HAPI, either you did that or

you sided with the wrong people.

It is so sad that some people are blinded with greed when they see my money.

and I am supposed to be quiet, if you are scamming me?

No way, Jose.

Your integrity is gone, I only lost money.

Be careful because, I am not weak like you think.

I am not afraid.

This is the reason why I take over when necessary.

After all, HAPI is still my baby.

Do not take my kindness for weakness.

“I would like to be remembered as a person who made trouble where trouble was needed.” – Studs Terkel